Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


7. Adopting a dog

The next morning, I woke up when I heard Seth making noise as he stood up and stretch himself. "Good morning, beautiful!" He said as he saw me looking at him, he leant down and kissed me.
"Sleept well!" He asked as I sat up in the the bed
"Yeah, but I'm not feeling very well" I answered and tried to cover, that I felt really sick and had nausea. 
He laughed "me too, we drank way too much!" He said as the collected his tie and tuxedo from the floor.

"I totally agree" I said as I stood up and walked towards the bath room. "Do you mind, if I go home and change cloths, I'll come back and have breakfast with you" I heard him say outside the bathroom door.
"No, not at all" I said as I put new make up on. I heard him walk out of the door and close it behind him. 

I didn't mind, that he went home, I wasn't exactly ready to change cloths in front of him. I know how silly it sounds, when he saw me almost naked yesterday. But that's how I feel about that.
When I had straighten my hair and brushed my teeth and had found some proper cloths to put on, when we were going to look at dogs today. 

I bet Seth knew, what my dad a giving me in present. It would surprise me, if he didn't knew it, him and dad had planned my birthday party together, so he would possible know it.
I went downstairs to take some pain killers, to get rid of the horrible headache I had. I shouldn't have been drinking so much, but I guess, I got carried away by the atmosphere, there was.

I found the pain killers and found a glas, filled it with water and took the pain killers, hopefully they helped fast. 

I stood and looked out on the pool and the garden, everything was exactly like we left it yesterday, I looked at the bench, where we had kissed and then at the white piano, where Seth had played. I could still see him sitting there playing, I would hopefully hear him play a lot more now. 

"Good morning!" I turned around and looked at my dad
"Dear god, you look terrible" I said and laughed. His hair was filtered and he looked like he had a small hangover as well.
"I feel a bit sick" he said 
"Need pain killers!" I said and looked down at my glas
"Oh, no. I don't feel as sick as you probably do" he said and laughed as he he turned the coffee machine on.

"Where's Seth?" He said and looked around
"He's home, changing cloths. He should be back very soon" I answered and looked at the clock hanging in the wall.

I heard the front door open and close 

"Hey, sorry for being a bit late. I had to feed Chester and I had to take some pain killers as well" Seth said as we walked into the kitchen

"No problem" I answered and showed him my glass of water

"Morning, Ian" Seth said as he walked past my dad and over to me. 

"I'll make breakfast" my dad said and looked at us
"Are you sure, you don't need some help?" I asked and looked at him as he opened the fridge
"I'll be fine" 

"Okay, then. We will go out in the garden and clean up" I said as I placed my glass on the kitchen disk.

We walked out in the garden

"If you take the lanterns in the trees, I'll take them in pool" I said and looked at Seth
"Sure!" He said and walked over to the ladder, that was placed up a tree

I found a pool net, and started to collect the lanterns that float in the pool.

It took a while, to collect all the lanterns, but I managed to get all of them

Seth was still pulling the lanterns out of one of the trees 
I stuck my head inside the kitchen 
"What about the spotlights and the piano?" I said and looked at my dad 
"The firm, I rented it of, will come and collect it later today" he said as he made scrambled eggs.

I walked over and helped Seth with the rest of the lanterns, when we where done, we put them in the boxes they came in. The garden looked almost clean, except for the piano and the spotlights 
When we walked into the kitchen, a familiar smell hit my nose. My dad was making traditional English breakfast for us. I had missed it a bit, but I know it wasn't very healthy. So I was glad, that I could eat healthier breakfast over here. 

We walked over to the dinning table and sat down. My dad came over with two plates to us and some coffee, "Are you not having breakfast with us?" I asked him as he placed my plate in front of me. 

"I already had breakfast, you know I can't eat this, because of my cholesterol numbers"
"Oh, yeah. I had totally forgot about that" I said as I began eating 

My dad left us alone, again. I guess he had some work to do, plus he was wearing a t-shirt and boxershot, when he made breakfast for us, so he had to change. I was a bit embarrassed of him, because he always wears a t-shirt and boxershots, when I had my old boyfriends to sleep over back in England.

"Are you feeling any better? I asked Seth as he looked at him.
"Uhm, yeah. I feel much better. Thank god, it's weekend" he said and looked at me smiling and took a sip of his coffee
"Good, so do I" I answered and smiled back
"So are you excited for today" he asked and took a bite of his toast 
"I am. Really excited" I answered as I finished my breakfast
"How about the nausea?" He asked and laughed
"It better, know that I got something to eat" I said as I stood up and walked over the dishwasher

I heard Seth stand up and walk over to me, he placed his plate beside my plate, and pulled his arms around me

"I love you so much!" He said and kissed me up and down my neck. It turned me on, so badly. God, I wanted him so badly.
I turned around and looked him straight into the eyes
"Why do you have to be so cute" I said as I pulled him closer to me and kissed him. This kiss felt better than the first one, there was more feelings in it. We weren't drunk and didn't have a breath that smelled of alcohol. I could taste, that Seth haven't smoked today.

I stopped kissing him and smiled.
"I better put the plates into the dishwasher" I said as I pulled away from him and opened the dish washer. When I had put the plates into the dish washer, I turned around to face Seth.

"My god. You look sexy, when you put plates in a dish washer" he joked and pulled me closer, we kissed again, more intense than before. Seth had his hands all over me, he made magic with his hands. I placed my hand on his back head and touched his hair, pulled it through my fingers.

If my dad wasn't upstairs right know, we would probably already be naked. 
I heard a door open upstairs and footsteps that came closer to the stairs

"We.. better...stop" I said between our kiss
Seth mumbled something
"Now" I said as I bite his lower lip, before realising my grip

I sat my hair, It felt messy after Seths hands had messed with it.

He laughed and helped me with my hair.
"Here you go!" 
"Can't get any prettier than this" he said and straightened his shirt and my cardigan 

"Are you two ready to go" my dad said as he walked past the kitchen and out to the door.
"Yeah, we're ready" I said and walked out to take shoes and a thin jacket on.

"Are you coming with us" I asked Seth as he took shoes on
"Of cause, honey!" He answered and walked over to me and took my hand. We walked outside, I closed and locked the door and we went over to our car. We sat us in the back seat
"Let's go!" My dad said as he pulled of of the driveway.

I put my head and Seth shoulder, he took my hand and squeezed it
"What about a beach trip on Sunday, with the dog" he asked and kissed me on the head
"I would love that" I answered and pulled closer to him.
"Great" he said as he pulled his arm around me

The drive wasn't very long, and soon we parked outside one of the many shelters in LA.

"Let's see if there's a dog, you like here" my dad said as he stood out of the car.
Went out of the car and walked towards the entrance. 
"What kind of dog, would you like to get?" Seth asked me as we walked through the door
"I like golden retrievers" i said as I pulled myself into his arms 
"I had a golden retriever, when I was little boy. Great dog!" Seth answered as we walked up to the disk

"Hi, I would to look at a dog" I said to the lady behind the desk
"You must be Ann Payne, welcome" she answered and stood up. "This way and through the door!" She said and pointed down a hall way. 

"Thank you" I said. We walked down the hall way and through the door. We came out into a big back yard, there was a lot of dogs in cages. They had big cages and looked to be healthy. A man are over to us, "I'm Nick" he said "Ann" I said. When he had said hi to Seth and dad. We started to walk
"Do you have any specific dog breed, that your interested in?" Nick asked 
"Yeah, I would like to get a golden retriever" I said an looked around to see, if I could see any golden retrievers 

"Your very lucky, we have four golden retrievers at the moment" he said and opened a gate into a closed enclosure
"Do you want a male of female?" he asked and looked at us
"Uhm, a male" I said 
"What about age?" 
"One year or a few months" I Said and looked over my dad,
"We got a a golden retriever on 6 months, I'll just get him for you!" He said and walked away
"Great" I said and looked at Seth, he smiled at me and walked over to me.
"It has to like me as well" he said in a joking way, I laughed. 

Nick came back with a beautiful golden retriever, he closed the gate
"This is Marley!" He said and released him from the leash.

Marley ran towards us, I kneeled down and so did Seth.
"Hi" I Said as Marley greeted me, his tail was wagging from side to side.

"Your a good looking fella, aren't you" I said and pet him on his back. Marley turned his attention to Seth and let Seth greet him as well. Then he ran over to my dad, 

"He's a very happy dog, with a good personality. He came from a family with kids, one of the kids got allergy, so they couldn't keep of him. So he is used to kids and cats. 

"He seems very sweet!" I said and stood up and looked at my dad and then Seth. Seth nod and looked at my dad as well

"He certainly is a sweet boy" my dad answered 

"We'll take him" I said and looked at Nick

"Great!" He said and came over to me with the leash, I will just get the papers, you can just come inside, when you put a the leash on Marley" he said and walked out the gate.

Marley" I shouted and and bend down, Marley come over to me and I put the leash on him.
"He's trained well" I said as I walked out the gate.

"So do you, Chester likes him? I asked Seth as he walked beside me. 
"I think so" he answered and looked down at Marley

Seth hold Marley, while I took care of the paperwork.

A mum and his son walked through the door.

The boy stood still as a saw Seth, the boy seemed to be around 14 or 15 years old

"Mum, that's Seth Macfarlane" he said and looked at his mum
"Is it?" she answered

"Do you think I can take a picture with him?" He asked his mum as they stood behind me
I turned around "of cause, you can get a picture taken with him" I said and smiled
I finished the paperwork 
"Come with me" I said and looked at the boy. 
I walked over to Seth
"There's someone who want to say Hi, to you" I said and looked at Seth and then at the boy next to me
"Hi, how are you doing" Seth said and smiled to the boy
"Hi, I'm very good. Can I have a picture taken with you? The boy asked 
"Sure" Seth answered, 

"Dad, can you hold Marley for a second?" I asked 
"Sure" my dad answered and took the leash out of Seth' hand. 

Do you have a phone?" I asked the boy
"Here" he gave me a IPhone and walked over to Seth
I opened the camera, and got them both in focus 
"Smile!" I said and took the picture 

"Can I get your autograph as well?" The boy asked excited as I gave him his phone back
"Of cause" Seth answered
I walked up to the disk and asked for a paper and a pencil, then I handed it to Seth.

"What's your name?" Seth asked 
"Charlie" the boy answered
"All right" Seth said and draw Stewie and wrote a little message
"Nice meeting you, Charlie" and then signed it

"Thank you so much, I'm such a big fan of you" Charlie said as Seth handed him the paper
"Your welcome" Seth answered and smiled.

"Bye" Charlie said as he went over to his mum
"Bye, Charlie" Seth answered and went over to me, I took his hand, I took Marley' leash and we walked outside again, 

Marley jumped into the trunk without any problems. As we went into the car, we saw a paparazzi taking pictures of us.
I heard Seth swearing at him, when as my dad started the car

"One of your good friends" my dad joked and looked at Seth in the rear mirror 
Seth laughed "not exactly. I hate them. They are everywhere, trying to ruin our private life" he answered and looked out the window, when the paparazzi drove away.

"Are they normally following you all the way home?" I asked as I turned around to check on Marley

"Normally they don't, but I guess they can make a exception" he answered and looked behind to check, if the paparazzi was following us home. 

"I can imagine how irritating it must be, to have them behind your back all the time" I said and sneaked into his arms

"As long as they don't irritate or hurt you, I don't care about them" he said and stoke my hair.

"So do want to come over to my place tonight for dinner and of cause also you, Ian?" Seth asked 

"Sure!" I answered and enjoyed being near him

"Sorry, Seth, I can't make it tonight. I have some work to do. Date trader isn't a easy job. I'll love to come over for dinner another time" my dad said and looked in the rear mirror.

"Oh, okay. Another time then" Seth answered and looked out of the window

"Your still in?" Seth asked me and squeezed me 
"Of cause, I'm still in, silly" I said and clapped him on his thigh 

"Great, and feel free to take Marley with you, as well. I'm sure him and Chester will be good friends" he said as we drove into our driveway

We said temporary goodbye to each other and Seth walked over to prepare for dinner and do some work.

I went out in the garden with Marley and played fetch with a stick, I had found.
I tried throwing the stick into the pool, which Marley immediately jumped after, he climbed up the stairs that was in the pool so easy, so it seemed like he had tried it before.

After a hour of playing with Marley, I went upstairs to check Facebook and my mails, Marley followed me as well. We seemed to be good friends already.

He lay down beside me and I opened the Internet, just for fun. I searched for celebrity gossip, just to see if anything new had appeared with me and Seth.

I clicked on a website and right there on the frontpage, we appeared with the headline:

Macfarlane and girlfriend has adopted a dog

I clicked on the headline

A picture above with us entering the shelter and beside it one where we came out of the shelter with Marley. Then I read the article:

Seth Macfarlane and his British girlfriend were seen entering a shelter in LA, this afternoon and shortly after, they came out with a dog. There is no doubt anymore that they aren't dating, it was clear to everybody. As you can see on the pictures, Seth looked like a teenager in love, holding his arms around his British girl. Seth even had time to write an autograph and have a picture taken with a boy, when they where about to leave the shelter. 

It seems to be very serious between the two of them already. 

Then the picture, I had taken with Seth and Charlie appeared in the buttom.

I closed the browser and took my phone, and called Seth

"Hi, babe" he said as he took the phone
"Hi, honey"
"What's up?" He asked 
"Ehm, I have just seen this article with us on a celebrity gossip website.
"From today?" He asked 
"Yeah, from today. Macfarlane and girlfriend has adopted a dog"
He laughed "well, as I said earlier, paparazzi's don't have a life"
"I know, babe. You know, Charlie. The boy that had a picture taken with you. That picture is in article as well" 
"Is it? Well it doesn't surprise me at all"
"So what are you doing?" I asked flirting 
"Just doing some work and so" he answered 
"What about you, beside looking at gossip about us?" He asked laughing 
"Checking Facebook, trying to contact some old friends" 
 "Sounds better than work" he said, I could feel him smiling
I laughed
"Right, I better go back to work, now"
"Ok. I see you later. Bye honey"
"Bye, babe. Love you!" He said and hung up

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