Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


8. 18+ Sexy dinnertime

I found myself smiling stupidly out of the window and over at Seth's house. I couldn't believe, that I was dating this attractiv man. I had never imagined, that I would date a celebrity and especially never a such good looking one, Seth is hot. Like really ******* hot, it wasn't hard to imagine how many of the female celebrities in Hollywood that wants him. He's hot, extremely rich, and such a gentleman. Or just in one word, perfect.

When I had hyperventilated a bit, I tried to pull myself together. It wasn't easy, but I managed to behave normally again. I got a shock, when my phone vibrated.

I grabbed it and checked.

Text from SM
I opened it and read the text.

-Babe, pack a bag of cloths and what ever you need, I thought it would be easier, if you slept at my place, when we have that beach trip tomorrow? :-* 

Oh my...
I answered back with a simple: ok ;)

I decided to change SM to Seth. I took my precorsions. If my phone got stolen, it wasn't really smart to have a contact named Seth Macfarlane. 

I packed a bag with cloths and my toilet bag as well. With make-up and toothbrush. Everything I needed   Just to feel a bit safe and not feeling unattractive. 

After a quick shower, decided to Skype with my sister, just to tell her want had happend since we last skyped together.

"Hi sis" I said as my sister appeared on the computer screen
"Hey, what up" 
"Just wanted to let you know, how to my birthday party went and what I got in present 
"Oh, yeah. Tell me, tell me!" She answered excited 

"Well, I got a gift card to a driving license. And I just adopted a dog today!" 

"Wow, that's so cool"
"Wanna see my dog, Marley?" I said
"Hell yeah!" 
I grapped my laptop and it pulled down to Marley
"Oh my god, he's cute. Is he a Golden retriever?" She said as I pulled the laptop back on the table
"Yep, he's a golden retriever!" I answered back proudly
"And guess what" I started 
"What, say it!" She yelled
"Seth went with dad and me down to a shelter, to adopt Marley today!"
"Omg, what. Why" she said

"Let me tell you, about my birthday then"
"I know where this is going!" She said even more excited
I laughed
"Dad and Seth had planned my party. Seth played a private concert for me on the piano"
A big smile appeared on my sister
"I think Seth likes you" she said
"Yeah, yeah" I said and continued 
"After that there arrived more guests. You know the cast from American Dad and Family Guy. They all showed up. I meet all of them, when Seth showed me around the Family Guy and American Dad studios some days ago"

"And then Seth had invited all of them to my party. Because they had told Seth, that they really would like to get to know me better"  I continued

"And they all showed up to celebrate me"

"Wow, that's every sweet of Seth"
"I know, right" I answered back 

"That's not all?" my sister asked and looked a bit disappointed
"No, the best is yet to come" I explained 

Later after a lot of alcohol, I went outside to get some fresh air" I continued and tried to contain my excitement 
"Seth joined me shortly after, and we uhm... Ended up kissing" 
My sister clapped her hands
"I knew it, I knew it" 
"Can I tell mum, uhm... You're dating, right?"
Yes, you can tell mum, and yes we're dating"

"Yay, uhm. I have to go now. I have some homework to do. I'll talk to you soon, love you!"
"Okay, love you too. Bye!" I closed my laptop. 

That wasn't so hard, as I had imagined it would be. Seth haven't told me anything, what time, I could show up.

It was almost 5 pm 

I decided to go, I didn't have anything else to do, I let Marley out in the garden, so he could pee and do his other business. 

When Marley had done both things, I grabbed his bowls and stuffed them in my bag and took some of his food in a plastic bag. 

I put my jacket on, walked into my dad who was in the living room
"I'll go now. I stay at Seth's tonight. I take Marley with me as well.
"Okay, honey. Have a good time" 
"Thank you!" I said as I walked out of the living room and out to the hallway to find Marley' leash
When I found it, I walked through the kitchen and into the garden, Marley was in the other side of the garden, I shouted at Marley. 

He ran towards me, as soon he heard his name being called.
"Ok, boy. We're going on a visit, to see Seth and his cat, Chester" I said as I put the leash on him
"So you have to behave well!" I continued as we walked towards the terrase door. 

I grabbed my bag, hang it over my shoulder and put my converse shoes on

As we walked towards the road, I could feel the nervousity growing. I checked, that the road was clear and we walked over it

The gate opened, before we had reached it. I walked up the driveway, Seth walked towards us.

He kissed and hug me, when he reached us. "Hi, Marley!" He said and kneeled down to pet him
"I been missing you" he said as he stood up and took the bag, off my shoulder.
"I missed you too" I said as I took his hand and we walked up the driveway together
 He opened the door for me and I walked inside
"I guess, you don't need a tour of my house?" He said and laughed
"No, I'm good" I answered as I took the leash of Marley and then took my shoes of

Seth walked down to the couch and placed my bag on it, Marley followed him and walked out to one of the windows and stared out of it. 

"I'll be out in the kitchen, make yourself home" Seth said and walked out to the kitchen.
I walked down to the couch and sat down, I noticed that Marley was looking at something out in the garden, that I couldn't see

Shortly after Chester walked through the terrase door and jumped up in the couch next to me
"Oh, Hi Chester" I said as he lay down beside me, I pet him slowly. Marley walked towards us, Chester looked at Marley. 

Marley lay down beside my feets and closed his eyes. Chester stopped looking at him and closed his eyes, so far it went very well, with the introduction between the two of them.

"I can see they meet each other" Seth said as he sat down next to me and pulled his arm around me
"Yeah, it went very well!" I answered as I looked down on Marley

Shortly after Marley stood up and walked towards one of the windows and lay down, Chester opened his eyes and stood up as well. He jumped down from the couch and walked slowly towards Marley.

Seth and I both sat quietly and excited on what would happen
When there was one meter between then, Chester lay down and looked at Marley, Marley looked shortly at Chester, then over at us. Then he lay his head down on floor again.

"This is going extremely well" I whispered
"Yeah" Seth answered and looked surprised
"Let's go outside and leave them alone, shall we" he said and looked at me
"Good idea" I answered 

"Do you want some wine or?" Seth asked as he stood up and looked at me
"Wine, would be lovely. Thank you" I said as I stood up, I walked outside barefooted, it didn't bother me at all. The ground was warm

I sat down on a bench, and looked at the view, there was such an incredible view from. It was completly breathtaking. 

"Enjoying the view?" Seth said as he sat down next to and handed me the wine glass 
"Yeah, it's just breath taking!" I answered and took a sip of my wine

"It is, I love to sit here and just look over LA, it's so peacefully" 
"A toast for us and many happy days together!" He said 

When we had sit outside for sometime, I don't know long, all I knew was, that we had cuddling and just enjoying each others company, so I kind of lost myself. Which is understandable!

We went inside again, and Seth went into the kitchen to make the dinner ready. I sat down in the sofa again, Chester had moved closer to Marley and actually lie next to Marley. It was just so cute

"Dinner is ready!" Seth said as he came into the livingroom and walked over to the dinner table with pan  I walked over to the table, as he went out to the kitchen again. He came back shortly after with a pot

He sat the pot down and walked over to me, he pulled the chair out and I sat down
Then he went over on the other side "I hope you like it" he said and took some wine

"It smells good" I said as I took some grilled vegetables from the pan. He had made wok.

I took the first bite, he looked nervous at me
"This tastes really good, Seth!" I said and smiled at him 
"Thanks, I was afraid, that I mind put some wrong ingredients in it"

"It's really perfect" I said and looked over at Marley and Chester
"They have become good friends" I said and nod in the direction where Marley and Chester where
"Yeah, it's great. I was really nervous on how Chester would take it. But he has taken this very well" 

"So what have you been up to today?" He asked me as he took a bite, he looked shortly at me and then down on his plate

"Uhm, I talked with my sister, about my birthday party and you and then I played some fetch with Marley 
He laughed 
"You told your sister about us, how did she take it" 
"Well, she wasn't surprised at all. I think she kind of knew it would happen" 
"And she wanted to tell my mum about it" I said and sigh
Seth looked worried at me
"Oh... Your mum doesn't... Uhm... Like us being together"
"Yeah, but what can she do about, I think she can accept it. As long as she gets to meet you. Then I think she will change her mind, and just adore you"

He laughed again, he just had this cute laughter and smile
"Well, then I have to meet her and try to act like the perfect future son in law for her" he said laughing
I laughed as I finished my plate

"Are you finished?" He asked and looked at my plate
"Yeah, I'm stuffed. Can't eat anymore!" I said and smiled 

Seth stood up and took our plates and walked into the kitchen
"Do you need some help?" I shouted 
"Nope, I fine. Why don't you take some fresh air, I'll join you in a few" He shouted 

I called on Marley and we went outside, I walked around the pool, beside the hedge, and just enjoyed the view once more. 

I should have brought some dog toys, so Marley had something so play with, I had completly forgot about it. Why did I forget that...

"Hey babe, I found this old tennisball, you think Marley wants to play some fetch?" I turned around, Seth walked towards me with a tennisball in his hand.

"Uhm, yeah. I think he'll love to play some fetch" I said as he stopped beside me

"Marley" he shouted and kneeled down, to catch Marley' attention 

Marley ran towards him and Seth stood up, showed Marley the tennisball and throw it. Marley ran after it as fast as he could, he nearly stubbled as he tried catching it.

When Marley caught the tennisball, he ran straight back to Seth and placed it in front of him.
"Good boy" Seth said as he pet Marley and took the ball and throw it again

"He's really good at this" he said and pulled his arm around me 
I smiled "yes, he's a real champion" I joked 

Marley came back and placed the tennis ball in front of Seth' feet, he throw the ball again.

It hit sometime on the ground, 'cause it changed direction and landed in the pool, without any doubt or fear Marley jumped after it

"S***, can he swim?" Seth asked worried and let go of me and ran over to the pool edge and kneeled down
"He can swim, but we have to pull him up" I said as I reached Seth, I kneeled down beside Seth and called Marley to me. He swimmed over to us, but we couldn't get a probably grip of him. I stood up and  started to take my dress off

"What on earth, are you doing?" Seth asked and looked surprised at me
"Undressing" I said 
"No, no. Stop! I'll handle this, honey" he answered and stood up and started to take his shoes of and then his cloths 
"Oh, okay" I answered as I zipped my dress again
Shortly after he was standing in his black boxershorts and jumped into the pool
"Are you ready?" He asked and looked at me
"Ready!" I said as I prepared to grab Marley

Seth lifted Marley as high as he could. "God, he's heavy!" He said as Marley lifted him up. I got a good grip on Marley and pulled him up with all my strengths, I mind put too many powers in, 'cause I fell over and lay and the ground. Marley stood over me and licked me in the face, I pushed Marley away and sat up
I saw Seth climping out of the pool

"Are you okay" Seth asked and looked worried as he stood up, completly soaked
"I'm fine" I said, 
"How about you?" I said and laughed 
"Couldn't be any better" he said laughing and looked down his body

"You better get some dry cloths on" I said as he helped me stood up 
"Yeah, I guess"

Even though, I didn't want him to take cloths on, he could walk around like this, I wouldn't mind that at all.

He collected his cloths and went inside

"And you, Marley are also getting dried with a towel before you get inside againl" I said and went inside and closed the door, so Marley wouldn't go inside.

I heard Seth from what I guess was the bedroom
I walked over to the door and open it slowly, "where do you keep the towels" 
"Two sec. I'll find one for you" he answered, I walked over to the terrase door and looked at Marley 

Shortly after Seth came out of the room with a towel
"Here you go" he Said as he gave it to me and kissed me on the cheek 
"Thanks, honey" I answered and opened the terrase door and went outside to dry Marley

After a quarter trying to get Marley as dry as possible, I dicided that it was enough

"Come inside and get some food" I said to Marley and clapped my thigh 
Marley ran beside me, I guess he was hungry. It's been a weird night so far for him.

I found his bowls, filled one of them with water and the other one with dog food and placed them not so far from Chesters bowls. He finished eating quickly.

Seth was sitting in couch, watching TV. I sat down between his legs and leant backwards. 
"That's quiet a rescue mission, we were on there, hu'?" He said laughing and pulled his arms around me
"Yeah, and it had a good ending!" I said and enjoyed being so close to him

"What are we watching?" I said and looked at the TV
"Nothing important, I'll much rather just watching you" he said as he turned off the TV

"Really?" I said as he kissed my neck
"Really!" He said between his kisses 

I turned around and faced his face, I started to kiss him softly and passionately. But after a few seconds  it became wilder. Seth pushed me over and placed himself on top of me and took control. He kissed me up and down my neck and on lips, so perfectly. No words could describe it. It was just magic. He drove his hand up and down my thigh and I started to unbottom his shirt slowly as I pushed him closer down towards me. He tried to my the zip on the back of my dress, but with no luck, I leant forward a bit, so he could open it, which he did shortly after. He pushed the straps on my dress down, so my bra showed. I got his shirt open and helped him of with it.

Suddenly I felt someone staring us down, I tried looking beside the couch. I sigh
"What is it, did I do something wrong?" Seth asked as he stopped kissing my collarbone 

"It's Marley" I said and looked at Marley standing beside the couch and waggin his tail and looking both at me and at Seth. As Seth pulled away from me.

Seth looked at Marley and laughed. 
"Let's go into the bedroom, he won't leave us alone in here" I said as I hold my dress up. 

"Yeah, come on" Seth answered and took my hand and pulled me up from the sofa.
It didn't take long before we walked into the bedroom. Seth closed the door and turned around to face me

"Where did we come from" he said cheeky and flirting as we walked towards me and grabbed me firmly and started to kiss me again 

As we kissed, we came closer to the bed, Seth faced the bed, I pushed him down into the bed. He looked surprised at me

"Kinky, I like that' he answered and groaned 
I let my dress slip down, so I stood in my underwear, I sneaked up to him and kissed his stomach and up after, until I reached his face

"My god. Your sexy!" He said as he held my head and kissed me again. I started to open his jeans, we got them off shortly after, my hand messed with his hair. As we both got turned on, my hand ran down his spine, my nails scratched his skin, to trill him more.

He opened my bra and pulled it off, as I took his boxershorts off. He got my panties as well, we were both naked.

He found a condom in a bedside table drawer

Put it on and started kissing me again. It felt like I was in coma, I was full of joy. It was like being drunk,
He was really good at this, he knew how turn a woman on.

He pushed himself in side me, and I grabbed his neck and pulled him down to me

It seemed so be over so fast. It felt like it all just had begin, when he pulled out of me and fell down next to me

We tried catching our breath. As we almost had done that, I pulled closer to Seth and lay my head on his chest. His breathing made me tired

"This was amazing!" He said and kissed me in the hair
"Uhm" I mumbled with my eyes closed 

I feel asleep shortly after. 

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