Love in LA

Ann Payne moves from London to LA, because of her parents divorce and her dad's wish to start on a fresh. She had never in her life expected to meet Seth Macfarlane, the charming creator of Family Guy and American Dad.


1. From London to LA

So I'm moving to LA. After my parents divorce, my dad didn't want to live in the house, I told him that we could move, when I was done with my school at the Buisness College. I said as a joke, when school was nearly over, that I would like to move to LA. My dad said that, that we could move anywhere, as long as he moved from the house, the house I grew up in. I didn't believe, that he was willing to move to USA, so far away from my family. But here I am, sitting in the airport waiting for our plane to LAX. I have said goodby to all of my friends and my dad family and my sister and mother came to said goodby in the airport, before we walked through the security. 

They cried, as well as we did. We promised to come home from Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's summer holiday here in England, and the weather is so badly, it's mostly raining. When we come to LA, It's sunny and warm, which I have to get used to. My dad purchased a house in Beverly Hills, where all the celebrities live, the houses isn't very expensive over there as well as the cars. The only thing, I got from home is my cloths and some stuff, like photos and so. No furnitures, they has all been given away to either our family or it stored in some place, where you can store furnitures.

The plane has arrived and we are now walking towards it, my life is about to begin, 6 months until I set my feets on English ground again. Next stop LA, I think was the plane lift off. I put my headphones in and closed my eyes. I woke up as my dad pulled my arm, I looked confused around and pulled the headphones out. "We're here!"  My dad said, I looked out of the window, we were about to land. 
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