Nobody Compares to you

about chloe who is sister of zayn and rhiannon who is harrys sister are best friends but what happens if they fall in love with somone who is in the band but one of the best friend falls for there brother

may includ some harmful sences and love sences and strong language xx

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. where back and where are they HELLLP

Harrys Pov:

we are all staying here cos we found out that chloe has been staying here all the time we were on tore so that is 2 months i really like chloe but i cant tell anyone cos she is zayns sister but she is so pretty i love her so much anyway when we arrive we knock on the door and my mum greets us but where are the girls and she had a sad face and said they forgot ther phones both and she dost know where they are so we set of ( just me and the boys) and went to find they we searched the post office thet werent there then we check the park the were they but there were these boys who pushed they off a great hight off the really high slide we heard the scream and dashed to them the boys dashed off before we could get them but i caughed a glime of them and noticed it was damen and jamen the where the ones they went out with but they hurt them and tryied to rape them and they have been scared with that every since but5 howe did they find them

Chloes Pov:

when me and rhiannon where pplaying we heard people laughing we froze and we reconized who it was it was damen and jamen they where the ones that scared us for life they were the worst boyfriends ever it was so scary they came up to us and we at the edge of the highest slide and it had no bars they came to us and said we have found you your gonna pay and with that they pushed us off i felt pain everywhere and before i blacked out i said you bitch  damen you slut and with that i blacked out

Rhiannons Pov:

damen and jamen where here how did they find us i was so scared and jamen came up to me and tried to kiss me i pushed him away and he said "you shoulldnt of done that" and with that he pushed me off the slide edge it really hurt i secared and i sayy chloe fall and scream she said something and i blacked out


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