Nobody Compares to you

about chloe who is sister of zayn and rhiannon who is harrys sister are best friends but what happens if they fall in love with somone who is in the band but one of the best friend falls for there brother

may includ some harmful sences and love sences and strong language xx

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. park

Rhiannon Pov:

me and chloe are going to the park before out brothers get back yes thats right out brothers are in on direction harry is my brother and zayns is chloe its pretty wired cos they have thet same mum but not dad but they still love eachother .. oh yeh let me intro my selth im rhiannon i have long curly straight hair i have light purple eyes ikr wired i quite small for my age an im 16 years old and my hair colour is brown today i am wearing short shorts (blue ones) and a white flowy tank top!

Chloe pov:

me and rhiannon are going to the park before our bros get back and yeh they are in 1 direction anyway let me intro myself because me and zayn are compeltely different you wonldnt think that i am his sister but i am and we have the same mum im not mixraced i am just palle (not trying to sound raciet here) anyway i have long straight blonde hair i have green eyes like harrys even tho we are not related i am 16 years old like rhiannon and she is younger than me by 1 day she is my best friend and always will be. i am the same hieght as rhiannon and we are quite small but not really small today i am wearing dark black denmain shor shorts a white button t-shirt and a black waist coat and we are both skinny too which is great well that what the boys say!

we get the park and start to play but we forgot our phones and ipod so we just said we will nbe fine and carriend on not knowing when the boys wil be back


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