Everything about youu<3

May contain harmful scenes, Rhiannon's bf harry has to go to germany for a while, how will she cope without him, things start to get serious between them and she cant take it anymore..


1. Breaking the news..


You are heart broken when Harry calls to say he has to go on tour in your exam week. You take a deep breath and say "Okay, don't worry it's fine." You hang up and go and cry into your pillow What will you do when Harry is gone? You spend everyday with him...After half an hour of endless weeping you decide to go down stairs and try to watch t.v to take your mind off of it. It makes it worse. Everyone on the t.v is happy and there you are just sat there motionlessly thinking about the good times with your boyfriend, you get so carried away that you don't hear your mum calling you until the 5th time. You go into the kitchen and ask her what she wanted. She said that Harry and the boys were coming for their last meal tonight then they will head off on tour at 9pm, you knew you were going to miss them but you had to stay strong.

Two hours later...

It was five O'clock now they should be here any minute, you didn't know how to feel, excited? Nervous? Happy? Sad? You were a whole load of emotions. Unsure what to do you start pacing the hallway, frantically waiting for the doorbell to ring, It had been 10 minutes now so you sat down in the lounge and thought to yourself "I  wonder what's making them late? Are they stuck in traffic, have they had an accident, should i call Harry?"  The doorbell rang. You ran for your life and headed towards the door, through the glass you could see his silhouette with his curly hair and big cheesy grin, your heart melted and you completely forgot what you were doing for a bit, they rang the bell again because nobody answered the first time, you sprung back into life and answered the door with your arms wide open ready to embrace Harry's warmth. 

As soon as you felt his arms wrap around you and squeeze you tight, you started weeping quietly into his jumper hoping he wouldn't notice. Harry pulled you off of his chest and looked you straight in your eyes and said "it's going to be hard for both of us but just think of us together and the surprise i will have waiting for you when i get back..." You smile weakly, his green eyes make you go weak in the knees every time.. He takes your hand and guides you to the dining area, then he turns around and gives the boys a hand gesture for them to come in. Niall sprints because he see's some bread laid out on the table, Louis, Zayn and Liam casually stroll into the room. Suddenly WMYB comes on and they all go red in the face but start disco dancing to it anyway. Harry comes up to you and takes your hands, spins you and then pulls you close, sings his solo then passionately kisses you on the lips. 

He gently pulls away , but you never wanted to let go of his lips you just wanted to be with him forever, within his reach.

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