Fun Recipes :0)

Have you ever wanted to make cookies or madeira cake but never knew how? Well, this movella holds the answer to all your worries, giving you a simple step-by-step guide to all your favourite recipes and more..... If you want a certain recipe, just comment below and I will see what I can do :0)


3. Chocolate Chip Cookies


10oz/300g plain flour

4oz/100g light brown sugar

4oz/100g butter

4oz/100g chocolate chips

2oz/60g golden syrup (To get the amount of golden syrup, place a cup on the weighing scales, set the scales to zero and pour in the syrup until it gets to 60g)

1 teaspoon baking powder

Pinch of salt

2 eggs



1. Grease a few baking trays with butter.

2. Sieve the flour, salt and baking powder into a large bowl.

3. Rub in the butter with your hands and then add the sugar.

4. Beat one of the eggs, mix it together with the syrup and add to the bowl.

5. Beat the mixture well with a wooden spoon.

6. Beat the other egg and add to the bowl.

7. Add the chocolate chips to the mix.

8. Beat the mixture again with the wooden spoon.

9. Tip the mixture out onto a worktop and roll it to about 1cm thick. Make sure you pour some flour onto the worktop first so it doesnt stick. Sprinkle some flour onto the mix aswell so it doesn't stick to the rolling pin.

10. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the cookies.

11. Place the cookies on the baking tray.

12. Bake at 320*F/160*C for 15 minutes, until the cookies are golden brown. Leave them to cool and enjoy!

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