Nobody Compares to you

Hi my name is _________ Payne. This is my life story of my crazy life of haveing a brother as Liam Payne from One Direction. No one treats me normal so I had to get out of school. I enjoy time with my brother and Louis cuz he lives with us. I am best friends with his GF Bethany she is pretty.
BTW ________= your name
Leave comments of who wants to be in here and be Niall,Liams or Zayn GF.


1. Um......who are u?!?!

__________ prov {ur prov}
I was in my room when I heard a knock at my room door and it was Liam my over protective brother!
Normole Prov
Liam:Ok ______ you get to meet all the members of the band today! Did you get Louis a b-day gift yet?
You:No not yet!But do you think he will like a Carrot basket?
Liam: Ya but I think he would like some magazines of Bethany!Just kiding he's not that dirty but he might like some spenders and nice toms or a sriped shirt but that's what I'm getting no copy cats!
You:Fine daddy direction
Liam:Ok now you get a tickle attack BOO BEAR!
~ Then Liam starts tickleing you and then Louis brings in someone with brown curly hair,nice green eyes, and dimples! He's a guy virsion of you.~
???:I'm gusseing your Liams GF!
You:Eww no im his little sister and who are you?!?!
???:I'm Harry......Harry Styles from One Direction!
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