Some Things

There are some things in this world that we just dont know. Yet we act as if we do. Let it go. If you want answers ask God.


1. Some Things

The meaning of life we do not know

Because we are mortal and not complete

There are so many problems and troubles

We have our own minds


Dont need anyone telling us what to do

We are stubborn as can be

We form our own mind

That is our life


Some of us are out of reach

Like children in the streets

We dont listen

We just dont care


Not all of us are like this

We just dont understand

We need to teach the children

Today, what life is all about


If our life is a mess

It is our own fault

But we can do better

If we please


There are many things to teach

If we really do care

Dont let treason in our streets

This is the reason


We are here

To get thoughts out of our head

That brings stress and pain

And a storm in our soul


We have church's

To go and pray

To form our body

And teach our soul


Sometimes we search for things

Unknown to man

Better ask God and find the truth

Then to think all the wrong things


Sometimes schools will try to find answers

The church's are not far behind

What is the reason , we are here

Only God knows the answer


We are like the young

Sometimes we are to meek

To truly understand

What life is about


It is not what it seems

Life is hard

What is our life about

We are just mortals


We do not always know

So we have to learn

To listen and pray

Turn our life around

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