The tale of Cyberia

Imagine a world, where imagination is illegal. A world where the few people who can dream are hunted like animal, in a world made of metal, in a sociaty controlled of a single man. A city where everything you do is registered and filed. Art is non-existing, music is non-existing. Love is non-existing.

In this vast world of control, the few dreams that exist, can come to life.


4. Chapter Three "City gates"

Mystery and Melody were my oldest friends, i had known them since my parents died, and i was put in an orphanage. Their parents had put them there, ashamed to have given life to someone with imagination, maybe the telecommunication too.
See the twins were born with the ability to read each others minds. Nobody really knows why, or how.
They've grown up together, and without saying much of word to anyone else. Many psychiatrist have tried, and failed, in their attempt to make them act like normal little girls.
But it was lost on the little weird duo. As the teenage years came along, they didn't exactly get better.
Funny enough, the first day i spent at the orphanage, the two girls walked up to me and gave me a hug. I still remember how the entire room went silent, no one had seen the two identical girls communicate with anyone but themselves, ever. So it was no surprise that everybody was shocked.
Since then i had been like their third sister, and when we had the chance, we escaped the orphanage. We even stole what money we could find on our way out.
We lived without a home for almost 4 years, making a living by preforming on whatever street that didn't contain any form of legal police forces. The sisters mind tricks turned out to be quite a fortune.
But one day, it all changed. It was a pretty cold day, somewhere i the outskirts of metropolis. We had found a little abandoned bunker in a long forgotten alley, being in need for a home, we declared the bunker our "base".
The next few months we lived there, in a place without any neighbors, a place with no connection to the outside world. We actually managed to build up a quite entertaining living in the small underground room.
According to the system, every bunker in the city is checked weekly, making sure that it would provide shelter in an apocalyptic situation, we spent half a year in that place, we never even saw the shadow of a cleaner-bot, much less a team of inspectors.
The inspectors were a large team of different people, hired to "inspect the city, thereby acting like a mix of cleaners, maintenance and police, especially in the suburban areas.
But as all good things, it couldn't last forever.
I still remember the day i were woken up by the twins simultaneous screams.

It was cold that day, remarkably so, the scanner showed minus 30 degrees.
The night before i had been out, looking for something to eat, it was my dinner day that day. It was a sad day for hungry people, like me and the twins. The chief of the inspector/watch had died the day before, so everybody was doing extra to proof their worth. This meant that even the fat guy at the metro-gate was keeping an eye out for suspicious people in hoods, trying to enter the core of the city.
Just to clarify, ill tell you how the city i build.
The city's main design is based in three layers, much like an onion. The inner layer or core is filled with one single building, The Database, a 6500 feet tall building, rising over the city like a silver rocket.
This i were everything happens, everything. Everything that happens in the Metropolitan, can seconds later be found on a file, somewhere in the huge database of The Database. Now if you haven't already guessed it, that was how it got its name.
In the very top of The Database, above all of the thousands and thousands of people working there, there is a floor, a floor that only one man on Cyberia can access. His name is Syclope, the mayor of the city, the man who rules them all, he commands the entire city. It was originally him who told the world that the ones with the power to imagine, were evil, before this we were well respected, our powers helped many in need, and the general population accepted, if not envied us our magical abilities.
When Syclope was elected as mayor, it was in a happy democratic community, and by happy democratic people.
Syclope was a tall, handsome, dark skinned man. He was born in a poor family, that worked as servants for some of the rich thinkers in the middle circle. Unfortunately the families they worked for, were all the kind of rich people that no one likes, but everybody wants them to think that they like them. So unfortunately Syclope, only ever saw the dark part of the thinker society. He grew up surrounded by hate towards the thinker community, ever since childhood his family taught him to hate them, but also to love them, until it was the right time to return the favor.
This were the grounds for his anger started, but it didn't turn into an obsession before his family died, killed by a powerful outlet from Jadeeye, when she was still too young to control her increasing powers.
But he followed his parents advice, he loved her, raised her and taught her how to be a normal human being, how to live in the society he intended to build.

Five months after his election, it looked as though that world had never existed.
There was a day, three months after his election. At this point the city had already changed to dictatorial country. But this day it escalated from leadership, to complete control. On this day, Syclope stood up to hold a speech, for once he wasn't alone, his sister was with him. It was common knowledge that his sister Jadeeye, who was only eight years old, was a thinker, and as Syclope's campaign had taken over the people of the Metropolitan, thinkers had been placed in a bad light, so it was no happy sight to see the fragile little girl, standing besides her powerful brother.
Now this speech was, brilliant, no less. Whoever wasn't convinced that he was the right man to lead this city, this world, as it is, were calmed, energized by his words. And as his almost three hour long show progressed, the crowd went from a silent doubting audience, to what resembled the crowd at a metal-concert, jumping and screaming, praising their new leader.
Then, when the crowd were most agitated, Syclope raised his hands for silence, an silence followed quickly after. He then spoke of us, of the thinkers. He told the people about his childhood, how him and his sister had served the very people which the world considered almost royalty. How he and his family had felt their cruelty on their own bodies, how his parents had died by the hands of thinker.
Then he screamed, screamed that these people, these creatures, should be expelled from Cyberia, that they should be sent over the walls, into the vast metal surface that lay waiting outside the city gates. The crowd were screaming with him, and you could already see people thinkers backing away, they knew what was coming. Syclope then said something, a sentence, a sentence that would be written on every single wall, poster, website and history book, regarding our time. He pulled out a gun and raised it over his head, and then he said the few words that would doom every single thinker in the Metropolia, he said

"This is a hunt, and a hunt have to start somewhere. And since i do not expect anyone of you to start it, i will."

Then he lowered his gun, and shot his little sister in the head.
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