The tale of Cyberia

Imagine a world, where imagination is illegal. A world where the few people who can dream are hunted like animal, in a world made of metal, in a sociaty controlled of a single man. A city where everything you do is registered and filed. Art is non-existing, music is non-existing. Love is non-existing.

In this vast world of control, the few dreams that exist, can come to life.


7. Chapter Six "A two-headed troll"

I still remember the day he appeared. I was walking around, way to close to the middle circle, trying to find some food. The twins had been hard at work the last couple of days. I had convinced them that i needed some time to concentrate on my avatar. I was getting real tired of being avatar-less. They agreed to get food for one entire week, if i then did for the next four days after my meditative week. I had high expectations, an went into it with high spirit, sitting on the middle of the floor for hours every day, wanting for my mind to sprout out magical images of fantastic creatures and magical beings. Nothing happened, for the entire week.
So when i left monday morning, it was in a bitter and frustrated mood. I had felt a little dizzy in the morning, but brushed it off as being tired. The fresh morning air was quiet, as i would imagine a morning in the forest would be. If i concentrated i could almost convince myself that i could hear birds, chittering in the cold metal city. But there was no such thing.
It was seven in the morning, and you would think that the streets, should be full of suited men and women, heading for the Database, the only official workplace in the Metropolitian, but they were all in the sub. Fast and efficient transport from A to D, was their motto, the little joke with the D, was yet another proof of how important the database was. There was of course several different illegal businesses scattered around the outer ring, everything from restaurants to child care and drug dealers, could be found in the dark alleys, of the ghetto-like place the outer ring had become, but no official ones, and they rarely survived more than a few months, as it had probably been the case with our new hideout.

As i was wandering around, deep in the thoughts of birds chittering, i somehow got myself lost in the maze of streets, tunnels, bridges and alleys of the middle ring. The lack of sunlight, mixed with the fact that all buildings looked the same, made it seem like you were walking in circles, no matter where you went. This was certainly not good, the maze was known for stealing your money. Though it probably wasn't the buildings who did it, much more likely was that it was one of the several gangs, mostly pumpers, roaming around the streets, hoping to find, either a stupid rich man they could rob, or a stupid little rat, whom they could abuse, in whatever way they found appropriate, it was mostly unpleasant, and i fitted perfectly into the last category, lost, alone, and stupid. As soon as i realized my situation, i stopped worrying about bird chitter, and started worrying about my safety. Many people had told me i was pretty. I didn't think so myself, but i believed my friends. Even though i had never seen my self in mirror, and thought of myself as pretty. The hip-long black braid was always messy, the olive-brown skin was dotted with small freckles, the eyes with the weird dark purple-ish color, the, mostly dark, clothes that never matched, and the black sneakers, worn down by treading the metal roads of the city.
But if it was as my friends had said, a meeting with the gangs would be extra uncomfortable. I had to get out to the main roads again, quickly. But it seemed as though every turn i made, was leading me to the same place. I was starting to hear voices, coming from a nearby alley, a lot of them. It didn't take long before i was surrounded by a group of masked people, mostly boys. No one was armed, at least not with weapons, they didn't have to, the magical creatures standing besides them, one for each of the masked, were threatening enough to scare anyone. Big, pumped up and fierce looking, basically made for scaring people to deliver their money, i doubted that they could deal much of a blow. But they were many, and i wasn't. I really didn't have much choice but to surrender immediately, hoping to bore them to leave me alone, a vague hope.
One of them, probably the leader of the pack, stepped up to me and grabbed around the back of my neck, forcing me to my knees. In a one versus one situation, i probably wouldn't have surrendered so easily, but i had a sense of logic in my head, and that sense of logic, told me to do as they said, either that or be killed.
Another goon stepped up, and started to search my pockets. This really didn't bother me, there wasn't anything in there anyways. After a few minutes, he stepped away and shrugged at the leader, who still had his hand tight around my neck. He proceeded to toss me to the ground and turn around. For a moment i even thought they were gonna leave. But as he started walking away, the others started coming closer, i instantly knew what was going on. I got up and tried to run, but i was stopped by a giant snake, full of spikes and with fangs the size of swords, it was quickly backed up by several other nightmarish creatures. I was trapped.
I turned around, only to see that the crowd had closed in on me, their eyes full of greed. One was close enough to touch me, he tried, and received a punch to the stomach, so did i, the only difference was that mine was delivered by a two-headed troll, rather than a skinny human girl. I flew a meter backwards, landing right in front of the crowd, who immediately pinned me to the ground, four trained boys holding down one girl, hardly a fair fight, but then again, these people probably didn't believe in fair fights.
The rest of the about fifteen people, started trying to get my jacket off, i didn't make it easy on them, but i couldn't really do much in the situation. The two holding my arms, lifted me a bit, then slammed me back down, leaving my head dizzy and my vision blurry. When it cleared, my t-shirt was half off, same thing with my pants. I did what i could, struggling with all that i had, to no effect.
As my pants came off, leaving me almost naked on the hard ground, my body lost its strength, leaving me limb, i had lost and there was nothing left to do.

Some guy leaned in over me, presumably to remove my bra. But in the middle of his action, the look on his face froze, he looked down in amazement, my eyes followed his gaze. Protruding from his stomach, was a slick gray blade. The air was immediately quiet, the loud yelling from the crows had seized in a second. The blade withdrew from the unfortunate guy, making him fall onto me, blocking my vision of the attacker. As i finally got him off me, i saw him, for the first tim in real life. I had seen him many times before, in my dreams and thoughts, but this time he was alive, the grey body standing tall and fierce.
One of the creatures, who had been mostly passive until this point, jumped at the new opponent, only to be struck to ground by lightning strike from Greystars blade.
It looked as though the others woke up then, as did their avatars. They attacked all at once, not a very pretty attack, two collapsed immediately due to overuse of their powers, three more quickly followed suit. The last ten monsters were charging, and i could't tell if they were going for me, or my avatar, i never found out. As soon as any of the attackers got near, a sword made sure they didn't get any closer. I felt a little sorry for the ten useless monsters, falling like flies, but none at all for their owners. Who one after one fell due to stress. Soon, only one remained, the leader, who had been starring at the whole thing, leaned agains a wall. Now he stepped forward, and his avatar materialized besides him. A small goblin with claws like daggers, and small pointy teeth, perfect for flesh. It moved as though it was on speed, its feet were never still, and the deadly claws cleaved the air again and again, a killer waiting for a target.
Greystar stepped in front of me, preparing for battle. Nothing happened for a full minute, then, out of the blue, the little beast jumped the five meters between us, and aimed his claws at my head. Greystar kicked him in the chest mid air, causing him to go flying back to his master. He quickly got up and attacked again, this time a little more sneaky. He got low to the ground, a neared us slowly, creeping in light swinging pattern, waiting for the perfect moment. When it came, the thing struck like thunder, slicing two stripes across his opponents chest. He fell back a little, but got back up on his feet, slicing at the little green creature, he missed, barely.
On the other side of the street, the leader was growing cocky. Saying things like, "Is that all you've got", and "my dog could fight better than that". And all the time his disgusting little creep of an avatar was attacking me and my friend, who was falling further and further back, until both our backs were to the wall. The irritating boy across the street, decided to go for one last triumphant sentence. "Guess i got you anyways, nice try though".
It was at this moment that the goblin flung himself at greystar, wanting to finish it. My avatar then proceeded to kick himself of the wall, sending him flying over the attacking creature. After a salto and half a turn, the grey figure ended up behind the goblin, who hadn't been able to stop its charge, and ended up slamming its head into the metal wall. It was lying unconscious on the ground. The boy started to run.

Not ten meters down the street, a slice caused his run to turn into a fall. The green avatar was left on the ground, with only a few minutes of power left to live in.
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