The tale of Cyberia

Imagine a world, where imagination is illegal. A world where the few people who can dream are hunted like animal, in a world made of metal, in a sociaty controlled of a single man. A city where everything you do is registered and filed. Art is non-existing, music is non-existing. Love is non-existing.

In this vast world of control, the few dreams that exist, can come to life.


5. Chapter Four "Bob Marley"

I just got completely sidetracked there, my apologies.

As i said, i was woken up by the sisters simultaneous screams. As i had never before heard the either of them say anything above the normal talking volume, I got to their room pretty fast. They were lying in their bed, both of them looking like they just saw a ghost. Which they, to some extend, had.
At the foot of their large two-man bed, which we found lying perfectly well in the trash-stations burning preparations chamber, there were two creatures standing beside each other, starring at the terrified twins. "Who are you?" I asked, trying to be the brave one. There was no response, but they turned their head towards me, so did the twins, it didn't take me long to figure out what was going on, i relaxed. After all they had turned 16 recently, your avatar normally manifests at about age 15 and a half. I felt my heartbeat settle back to normal, my shoulders relaxed and the adrenalin quickly evaporated.
It seemed as though the twins were still a bit worked up, its always the most surprising for the owner of the avatar, suddenly your story is standing right in front of you, looking at you.

It wasn't that their avatars were very impressive, the first manifestation is like the first sketches an animator does for a new character, rough, basic and unfinished.
Melody's avatar, which was standing to the right side, same side as melody herself were lying in, was a tall, slim figure, completely covered in a black cape, going all the way from the floor to the hood that covered its head, between a few folds you could barely make out a few long and bone white fingers, ending in a couple of spiky, but well manicured, nails. I knew, from melody's stories, that beneath the robes there was a manlike figure, with the features of a, not very strong, but fit man, his skin was the same color as the fingers but the eyes were black.
I knew, again from the stories, that his only power was to make other people, or avatars, move faster, because of the fact that this was his only function, Melody had been able to put quite the lot of power into that skill, making Eliaz, as he's called, very good at his job.

Mystery's avatar on the other hand, not quite as subtle. He took form as a two meter tall troll, with arms the size of tree trunks, with a force capable of punching through metal. His black skinned body was covered in a shining white armor, matching his eyes. His gorilla like head was framed buy a mass of thick dreadlocks, going all the way down to his chest, and in the corners of his mouth were two five centimeter tusk, alike the ones you often find on boars.
Hecaras, as his name is, abilities are limited to his strength, he can barely run more than five kilometers per hour, at his very max. Unless Melody helps him, which what their entire defense and attack plan is build on. Their minds are one therefor so are their stories, build to match each other. This makes them much more powerful than any other tag-team i know. With their combined powers i've even seen them take down a trio, who assaulted us on an alley once.
The idea is that that Eliaz focuses his energy on Hecaras, who then charges anyone who dares to stand in the two girls way. Its like seeing people getting run over by a rhino, a very angry rhino, who's also on steroids.
Funny enough, considering their admirable attack force, the twins are very defensive, never committing to a fight unless it was threatening me, or one of themselves.
Now with an irritating frequency of trolls manifesting in our small bunker, we had to find another place to live, something that wouldn't be easy.
We continued to live in our bunker for a few months, while simultaneously sending out search teams, consisting of me or the twins, looking for an places that fitted our little family.
It took four and a half month before a place showed up, about 3 miles away, then it took another three weeks to get all of our stuff from the bunker to the new house. We ended up in a little, abandoned, two storied office building. Dusty and full of spiderwebs, but its was way better than our last hideout.
From the street the building was just a wall, the way the wall matched the wall on the building to the right, therefor making it seem like it was part of it, would suggest that it hadn't been a totally legal office. The entrance was hidden away in a narrow alley to the left of the building. The first floor consisted of a long hallway with several small rooms, probably where whatever shady business was going here used to happen. At the end of the hallway there was a small stairway to the second floor. The second floor consisted of a single large room and a bathroom. The people had obviously lived here.
The entire play was med from thin aluminum plates, like the thin walls you would find in a cheap motel somewhere that god has forgotten, but it was better than so many other places, and some cleaning did wonders, before too long we had a nice big house, with a next to zero chance of being found. And the big second floor gave us plenty of room to live in, including the new members.
We let the bottom floor be, to cheat any inspectors to belief that the house was still unused, but the top floor we filled with our beds and all of our books and paintings. Unfortunately we had to close the sheets, just in case the neighbors spotted a giant version of Bob Marley running around next door, but we fixed that with nat-lights, or nature lightbulb as they are called, they run the heat which they generate themselves, infinite light source, even though the light was a little green.

Now for a time i felt a little left out, being the only one who was avatar-less and all. But i was only half a year younger than the sisters, so it couldn't be too long, i thought.
When the sisters avatars had materialized for the first time, i almost laughed at how undone they were, so to prevent myself from being ashamed i started working on developing him in my head, so he was ready when his time came. But i had to wait way longer than i had anticipated.
I had never thought that i would have to wait one and a half year, i had almost given up, after fourteen months of waiting i had almost accepted the fact that i wasn't strong enough for an avatar, then he showed up, and caused something of a fuzz.
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