The tale of Cyberia

Imagine a world, where imagination is illegal. A world where the few people who can dream are hunted like animal, in a world made of metal, in a sociaty controlled of a single man. A city where everything you do is registered and filed. Art is non-existing, music is non-existing. Love is non-existing.

In this vast world of control, the few dreams that exist, can come to life.


6. Chapter Five "Fireworks"

Let me tell you about a guy named William, who's wandering aimlessly around in the charred remains of the fourth circle, outside the city, his scarred giant wolf was tracking along on his side, the sound of its silent steps almost inaudible in the light of the orange sunrise. Only when a burned pieces of bone cracked underneath its feat, its presence was confirmed to the small boy walking beside the giant creature.
He didn't look very impressive as he walked along the little path through the ruins of the once so great "Thinker City", as he had so many times before.
The city had once been the outer ring of the Metropolia, but as soon as Syclope got the power, the city was burned down, millions of thinkers had been killed in the sudden fire and the ones who escaped, were forced to live as exiles, or beggars i the outer ring.
Williams parents had been quite wealthy artists. His mom had been a designer and his dad had been a musician. William had been lucky to escape before the house had burned down, his parents and his little brother Yin, hadn't.

William had by now reached a specific part of the ruins. He was standing in front of, what had once been a big two-storied mansion, now there was nothing left but a few pieces of rusty metal, and three skeletons, buried in the rubbish, all except three skulls, who were put in a fine line on a little pedestal of scrap in the middle of the house.
The small boy put a hand on the wolfs forehead to make it sit, then he walked alone to the three skulls.
He proceeded to put a hand on the first of them, the biggest one, and closed his eyes, he held them closed for a full five minutes before going on to the next one. The last one he got to was the smallest one, significantly smaller than the two others, he held his hand on this skull for almost twenty minutes, praying for his dead brother. He then turned around and walked away, as he did, he quickly wiped a tear from his face.
The wolf, who had been laying down during the boys visit, raised its massive head to greet its master. William put a hand on the top of the beasts head, the small fingers instantly disappeared between the mass of white hair. "Come" he said "Theres nothing more to look at here. The wolf got to its feet, and the pair walked off into the vast metal desert that lay ahead of them.

Seven hours later we meet the small boy again. This time he's located in a small camp, far away from the great Metropolia. He was looking around to see if there were any interesting wares on the market today.
The camp was know as "The Camp of Dreams", because of the fact that most citizens were thinkers. William himself lived a few kilometers away from the camp, as he preferred to live a bit isolated, also so his wolf didn't scare everybody to death.
The camp consisted of several square kilometers of tents, small houses and encampments, laid out in a circle around the market, this was were almost all merchants came to with their goods, it was the second largest point of activity on Cyberia, beaten only by the Metropolia. Out here was were all the tinkers who were lucky ended up, exiled to the outside of the walls, and if you first got out here, at some point your path would cross the Camp of Dreams.
Little William was well known in the camp because of his mighty friend, and as he walked up the main street, several merchants looked after the boy. He enjoyed this fame, it gave him access to places where other people weren't allowed, for example, the merchants storage tents. It was also responsible for several pretty girls to want his company, above all the other boys, a nifty perk if you were looking for someone to spend the night with, which had happened on several equations. Another reason to why he loved living away from the camp. Thinker girls are known to be without control of their imagination when they were happy, and it was never hard to tell which were one, and which were two man tents if you walked around the camp at night. A well known story was of night some time ago, when the camps alarms had suddenly gone off, waking up everybody. The reason had been that one of the tents seemed to have some internal explosions going on, after a few minutes of this, a crowd had gathered around the jumping tent, when it suddenly cannonballed upwards and then exploded like a firework. The missing tent had revealed two lovers, wrapped around each other on the ground. They hadn't even noticed the missing tent, first when someone poked them with a small metal rod, they noticed their audience. The crowd laughed and agreed smilingly to keep the names of the embarrassed pair. William had always regretted not being in camp that evening.

But today he wasn't looking for any company. It was on this date that his family had died, and he was tired after the long walk to the city. All he wanted was a good meal and nights sleep, alone.
After a few minutes of looking, he spotted a girl sitting in the mouth of a tent, the girls name was rose, after her beautiful read hair, and she was Williams best friend, they had probably been a pair, if it wasn't for the fact that Rose had a girlfriend, her name was diode, and she had the weirdest green eyes that glowed in the dark.
Rose was dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans and a white shirt with the text "I dream motherfucker" written across the chest, very poetic. You almost wouldn't believe it when your first saw her, the rough clothes and the very crude message on her shirt might lead you to think that she was, a rock singer or a graffiti artist. Truth was that she was one of the best poets and one of the best painters in the camp. Every painting she made was assigned a poem, a song or a riddle, making them a much more interesting deal to examine.
William raised a hand in her direction, she saw it and got up to greet him. The greeting formed as a tight hug and a kiss.
"Hey" she said, her voice full of energy and happiness. "Hey Rose, how's it going?" he asked, a tiny bit shy. He wasn't without feeling for the wild and beautiful redhead.
"Brilliant, Diode was just over" she answered, her voice like a crystal fountain. "Is she still here?" William asked, he liked the black haired girl, according to Rose she was the best drawer in the world, but you were lucky if you ever got to see a single sketch of hers, or you were her fiery girlfriend. The two of them shared everything.
"Nope, you just missed her, she left five minutes ago, she slept here", she leaned her head to one side, watching him, "You're sad" she then said, "whats wrong?".
"Noth-" "Don't you dare say nothing" she interrupted before William could finish his escaping technique, he sighed, "Very well, it the date were my family died, i went to visit the house, satisfied?" he said, quickly, hoping to close the case. "Of course not" she said, "Wait, you went to to the city?", she said, her voice sounding shocked, William shrugged "Yeah, i do it once a year" he said, like it wasn't a big thing "why is that such a big deal?". "Well if they see you lurking around so close to the city", she said, letting him figure out the rest. "Don't worry" he said reassuringly "they haven't been watching the old ruins for ages, no one ever cares to check, you could probably live there if you wanted to". "Wicked" she gasped "take me with you next time you go, i want to see what it looks like" she said, it wasn't even a question. "That'l be in a year" he said, smirking as he saw the lights in her eyes turn off, "but i may be able to arrange a trip on a shorter note" he followed, smiling.
She lunged at him like a tiger, "when when when when when?" she almost yelled in his face. "What's the time, i hear that its the most scary at night" he joked at her, knowing that it wouldn't really help him on his mission to get some good food and a nights sleep, but he could never resist making this girl happy.
"I'll get my gear" she said, then rushed into her tent to get her painting gear, she never left home without it, an old brown bag, stuffed with everything from brushes to canvas, always ready to capture a good scene.
"Its gonna get pretty late, you might wanna inform diode, that she wont be sleeping with you tonight" William said, half joking half serious.
"Yeah, sure" she said and pulled out her communicator. William called his wolf who had been resting a few streets away. She called her girlfriend as the three of them started walking towards the greatest adventure of their lives.
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