The tale of Cyberia

Imagine a world, where imagination is illegal. A world where the few people who can dream are hunted like animal, in a world made of metal, in a sociaty controlled of a single man. A city where everything you do is registered and filed. Art is non-existing, music is non-existing. Love is non-existing.

In this vast world of control, the few dreams that exist, can come to life.


9. Chapter Eight "Glimpses"

"You went outside the city?" The twins didn't look like, my schooling had much effect.
It was five in the morning, and the twins had just returned from their little trip, outside the city. "Yeah we did, we found a week spot in the plating over by the junk shop, it was no problem for Hecaras to punch through it" explained Mystery, i still wasn't convinced, "what about the censors, they are going to swarm this place with security now". "Not likely" Melody answered with a shrug, "the censors burned out years ago, they never cared to change them". I knew they were right, i just couldn't believe, that they left the city without me, i wanted to see the outside, just as badly as they wanted to, i decided to try to negotiate "okay, i won't demand that you take a one week food duty, if you show me where the hole is". They looked at each other, thinking, "fair enough" they said simultaneously "we'll show you". I smiled, i couldn't believe, that they found a way out of here, this could be the start of something new, we could escape the city. "Wait!" i said, the twin stopped and turned to look at me, "what?" they asked, "did anybody see you, outside?" i asked, hoping for a no, the twins looked at each other, "oh no" i said, "who?" They shrugged, "we don't know, two others were out there, one was painting, and the other one was just walking around, we hurried back in, we don't think they saw us" explained Mystery "there was a wolf too" explained Melody, "a big one too". I sighed, "you do realize what could happen, if they decide to follow you right?" I asked. Receiving no answer, i sighed again, and pointed towards the cooling unit in the back of the room, "I got some food, since neither of you were there, so you owe me a shift now". They both rolled their eyes, "sure" they said, and walked to their respective beds, none of them had gotten any sleep, so they deserved it. I had ventured out to find them earlier, when i couldn't, i decided to grab some food while i was at it.

I wen't over to the window, staring out at the empty streets. The sky was grey, and the city was covered in a dull light, you would have expected rain, but there was no such thing in this world. I could hear a faint humming sound, the sound of machines, an industry unlike any other. Machines were the driving force behind most of the city, they controlled everything, checked all the cameras and censors, watched the people of The Metropolitian like hawks. Of course they all had a turn-off switch, managed by living people, all taking orders from Cyclops. Eventually Cyclops had a remote, that controlled the city.
My line of thoughts was broken, by the sight of two figures moving through the streets, "You morons" i yelled, brutally waking up the half sleeping twins. "What is it?" they asked, their surprised voiced, sounding as if they had planned it, perfectly in sync. "Would the two persons you saw, happen to be a boy and a girl?" i asked, sounding less angry than i wanted to, "I guess" answered Mystery with a shrug. "And would the wolf you saw, happen to be gray?" I continued, i had to be sure. "We don't know" answered Melody "It was dark, and we couldn't see very well, why?" I sighed, deeply and dramatically, "because that description fits the two individuals, sneaking around outside" i said. We looked at each other for the briefest second, then we all ran towards the door.

They were from the outside, they said that they came, from a place called The Camp of Dreams. According to them, this was the second largest metropolis in the world, only beaten by The Metropolitian, but that came as no surprise. They told us that it was a camp, of the thinkers, who had been thrown out of The Metropolitian. If the two's story was even half true, the only smart thing to do, would be leaving the city as soon as possible. "How can we know for sure?" I asked, trying to suppress the hope, rising in my stomach. "You can't, we didn't bring any pictu-" the boy, William, said, but was interrupted by the girl. "Actually" she said, her long red hair swaying around her head as she turned her head, and almost jumped head first into the backpack that she had brought along, "I think i brought along my sketchbook" she continued, while rummaging around in her backpack, her voice muffled by the sturdy leather bag. Her head appeared again after a little while, in her hand she was holding a little black book, the type of which you would use as a diary. She opened it and started flipping the pages, as she did, i got several glimpses of, what looked like, drawings, beautiful ones too, "Ah" she exclaimed, "I found it". She handed me the book, "The next five pages, are of the camp", i looked at them, and i could feel the twins, looking over my shoulder. The five pages that the girl, i think her name was Rose, shoved us, were decorated with detailed drawings, of a giant area of wasteland, covered in tents, you could see several small figures, walking around in the small streets. The images were too detailed to be made up, the place had to exist, and it was full of other thinkers, just like them, i was just about too flip another page, when Rose's hand shot out, and took the book away, "Hey!" i said "what was that about", she was already packing the little book away, "I gave you permission, to see the camp drawings, that's it, i said nothing about the rest of the book" she said, like we had tried to steal her daughter. William shrugged "Its better to leave her sketches alone, I'm surprised she let you see the camp drawings" he explained, sounding apologetic.

Unfortunately we couldn't leave right away, there was too many things in the building, that they could use to track us, in the unlikely event that they did, we had to sweep the place first. Our visitors agreed to wait downstairs, where their giant companion had been lying. According to William, it was guarding us, even though there wasn't really anything to be protected from. But it was probably for the better, the giant wolf made me nervous, but then again that was the idea of avatars, me and the twins had de-summoned our avatars, it would be rude not to, this was no battleground. As they went down the stairs, the twins and i found our backpacks, and started packing our things, it wasn't like we had a ton of stuff, of course we couldn't bring the furniture, the beds and the couch, had to be burned, or disposed of otherwise. But we packed everything else, all our small decorations and all of the handy tools and items, which we had found around the city. It took almost twenty minutes to get it all packed. The next thing we had to do, was burning the beds and the couch, we could easily just torch them where they stood, the fire wouldn't be violent enough to melt through the walls, i had an old lighter, which i had stolen back at the orphanage, it was worn, but it still worked just fine, as i was about to set the dry sheets of the beds on fire, the sound of feet up the stairs interrupted me. Rose and William came bursting through the door, both of them looking very upset, "theres a very official looking man at the door, he's commanding us to open the door. We looked at each other, suddenly anxious, it was just our luck that an inspector came by now, we had lived in the house for almost seven months, and had only seen an inspector once, but of course one had to come by just as we were leaving the place. "Stay quiet" i said, lowering my voice to a whisper, "call your wolf up here, silently". William clapped his hands, silently, the sound of paws coming up the stairs, filled the little room, soon after the big furry creature was standing among them, it had made barely a sound, the inspector maybe hadn't heard them. We heard the door open downstairs, creaking all the way up the stairs, and through the door, we held our breaths, and listened for sounds, indicating that he had found us. The slow sound of the inspectors feet against the metals floor, was barely hearable, he still hadn't moved away from the door, he was still on the lookout. Five minutes passed, and he still hadn't ventured more than a few meters over the doorstep, i could feel my heart, pounding in my chest, and i was convinced that the others could hear it, as clear as i could, i knew that the chances of him just leaving without further inspection was slim, he wouldn't be here, if someone hadn't told him that we were, could the two visitors be undercover agents, in that case we would be in great trouble, if they were the ones who had informed the inspectors that we were here, this could be the last day of my life, the twins future wouldn't look much better. He was walking through the hallway now, checking the small offices as he went along, hopefully he would look up at the closed door, and be satisfied that no one was here, his foot hit the first stair, a few seconds later his hand was on the doorknob. The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed, if it was our sudden common goal to not be trapped and killed, or if it was the three magical beings, suddenly populating the area around the door, the idea was simple, silence him before he triggered the alarm, the timing would have to be accurate. The handle turned, and the door opened a creek.
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