For Love Of Hannah

"Hannah, your the diffference between life and death."

Attractive, clever and wilful, Hannah Knowles is desperate to leave home, so at twenty-one she escapes to London to train as a nurse, where she gathers many admirers - none more dashing than RAF officer Tommy Adams, with whom she falls in love with.

But the coming of war, with the chaos of the Blitz, brings unforseen entaglements. On hearing of Tommy's reckless affair with a married woman , a heartbroken Hannah throws herself into her work. Then even more changes in circusmstances bring her to a busy RAF hospital in Hampshire, where a faithful childhood sweetheart persuades her to become engaged with him.

Fate then brings Tommy back into her life. Can the past be ever recaptured?


1. Chapter 1


The Longcase Clock in the hall had just struck eight. Tim Baxter, standing on the kitchen doorstep, could hear the voices of mum and the doctor drifting on the evening air, and caught their note of seriousness; they were either discussing Hannah again, or the latest rantings from leaders in Europe. He grimaced, and brushed the war rumours from his thoughts, because this was his favourite time of day, when the children were in bed, and the house was finally quiet after hours of wailing and complaining. If only Hannah was here to share this sunset hour, instead of wasting her lovely smiles on that twerp Louis Westhouse....

A sudden howl of fury from the open window of the boy's dormitory sent him indoors and upstairs to investigate.  He found the two youngest sleeping, or pretending to, and the other four perched on one bed, playing cards. They looked up at him, half sheepish, half pleading. "Now then, what's going on? Its time you lot settle down to sleep" he said sternly. "It wasn't us Mr Tim, its him, Johnny Samms, he's been cheating!" "Its too early to go to sleep anyway!" growled the accused. " Aw, come on Mr Tim, give them back again. We wont make another sound honest!" Tim wanted to smile but kept his face straight before these mischevious Londoners. "Come on, You've been playing outside all day-" " We ain't been playing, we've been working! Mum told us to help Mr Cheale in the garden!" " And anyway, the girls ain't sleeping, never." added Johnny. "Right thats enough from you Johnny- and you too Jack. Get back to your own beds or there'll be trouble you hear me? Not another word from any of you!" There was a scuffle as each returned to their beds, then silence.

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