The Niall Project (Niall Horan Fanfiction).

Tante-Marie is a 16 year old English girl.
Niall Horan is a 19 year old Irish Lad.
When they both cross paths at school, do sparks fly?
Or do fireworks...?


4. The Looks And Awkward Moments.

Sitting in English was perfect. Lea was by my side, and most of all, we still had an hour and a half left. I wished we still had the double revision lesson, but time passed by when I was trying to take my mind off of Niall.

As soon as his name entered my mind, it began to fizz, but not with a pleased tone. With an angry one. The way he'd refuesued to say anything was quite un-understandable, or disunderstandable or whatever.

Lea suddenly nudged me, and my eyes darted back to the teacher, who frowned solemly.


I shook my head in a 'I'm sorry, my mind was elsewhere' way, and she sighed.

"Really, Tante. What's gotten into you today?"

I knew what she meant because I'd been distracted serveral times already, all relating back to Niall.

He and his bandmates were here on some kind of crazy course. They were allowed to mix with the public, to communicate with their fans. This was one of England's best schools, centered in London where they were staying anyway.


Finally, the 2 hours had come to an end. I followed after Lea slowly, hoping she'd stop and chat to as many people as it took for the bell to go, but she bumped into no-body, so we were there before I could snap my fingers and yell 'AH HA!'

"Harry! she called delicatly, and threw herself at him. He wrapped his arms around her, and I couldn't help laughing at all the angry and annoyed glares.

But, I mean, who could help it? Harry was cool. And it wasn't unusual for Lea to be caught up with the boys. She had fine, silky blonde hair, and perfect facial features. She was a middle-sized height, and had a nice slender figure. She had curves that were to die for.

I was stick thin, middle-sized height, and dimply.

I could never stop smiling, and whenever I did smile, dimples creased my face. So it wasn't a wonder I was named 'Dimply', and it also wasn't a wonder Louis couldn't stop gawping.

I felt myself blush red, the heat pouring off my face.

"It's cool" he grinned, and poked them with his fingers.

"It's real cute, really".

I was glad to be friends with these guys, and, for a fact, they were really down to earth. If you'd never heard of them, you'd suspect they were normal students.

I let myself allow a daring stare towards Niall, but I felt a strike of embarrassment when he smiled his amazing smile.

But he still hadn't gotten up to speak to me.

So, I decided to blank him. I mean, a girl doesn't start the conversation! She waits for the boy to jump in!

Lea didn't look to pleased when Niall's smiled faded, and he held up a hand.

"Oh, come on Niall! Your always chatting! What is it with you today?"

I watched as he blushed this time, and rolled his eyes towards the ceiling.

This gave Zayn the chance to jump in, and begin a conversation.

"So, Tante, what are you doing for your GCSE'S?"

I had to think about it for a split-second, mesmorized by the quietness of his voice, and how soft it actually was.

"Um...Art and Design.You?"

He was straight in there.

"Performing Arts, of course!"

I laughed lightly, and so did Niall, I notcied.

When my gaze landed on him, his landed on mine, and for a moment, we shared a kind moment. Then he lifted them up to Louis, who towered over him with a sandwich.

"What this boy? Go fetch!"

I didn't notice which way it flew until it landed...

On me.

Of course, being One Direction and all, they had a crowd. And this crowd exploded in uncontrollable laughter. I felt myself blush deeply, and my angry and embarressed feelings shot directly at Louis.

"Louis! You Asshole!"

I pulled the sandwich remains out of my hair, but looked down at the mess on my blazer. I couldn't believe he'd just done that.

I rushed down the hall, and into the Girls Bathroom. The Girls inside stared at me for a moment, and started to giggle, but I shot them a finger, and wet my hair, trying to pull out the mayonaise and tomato. Then I dabbed furiously at my blazer, and then my tanktop, and finally, the rim of my trousers.

When I finished, I stood under the hand dryer, and dried quickly, and as I made my way out of the door, I bumped into somebody I really didn't want to.

"I'm so sorry that he did that" Niall blurted, and held me steadily with his hands. I glanced down at them, then back at his face, and bit my lip.

"Wow, that's the first thing I've actually heard you say!"

He blushed, and released me.

I was standing perfectly still to my surprise, and I met his gaze once again.

"Thank You. For apoligising, I mean".

He smiled sweetly, and spun round.

"Louis was too coward to..."

But he didn't finish because a group of Fans surrounded him, asking him questions even I would have never thought to ask.

I sighed, and edged my way around the crowd, making my way back to Lea and SandwichLouis.

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