The Niall Project (Niall Horan Fanfiction).

Tante-Marie is a 16 year old English girl.
Niall Horan is a 19 year old Irish Lad.
When they both cross paths at school, do sparks fly?
Or do fireworks...?


3. The Beginning.

I waited impatiently outside on my porch, expecting my ride, Lea. Lea was my best mate, the girl you could go to for anything. From advice to Tampons, she was there for you no matter what.

After another couple of seconds, her red ford pulled up onto the curb, and I dashed through the rain, trying to protect my curled hair from frizzing.

As soon as I'd setted in the seat and belted up, Lea grinned and pulled into gear. The ride was never silent, and today was no exeption.

"So, my girlie, I told you I wouldn't forget details. Harry bloody Styles took me back to his house! Can you believe it? We spent the night dancing on the sofa, and then we..-"

"Lea!" I screeched, as we soared past a red light. That didn't even stop her.

"Where was I? Oh yeah, he took me up into his bedroom, and he actually kissed me! You wouldn't have guessed Harry freaking Styles would kiss an ugly cow like me!"

When I'd finished hyperventalating, I turned towards Lea, and smiled.

"He kissed you?" I spoke softly, trying to stop myself from grinning. Harry was sweet when he wanted to be, but you wouldn't have thought a boy from One Direction would actually be interested in such a low profile girl.

"Do you know what he did after that?"

"I don't want to know, Lea. Because, your going to miss the turning, and when you do, there isn't another for half a mile".

Lea's eyes stuck to the road from then on. And, before we both knew it, we were parked in the lot. It was a good thing she was 17 now. That meant we could both be driven, and I didn't have to wait until another year until I could drive.

We both stepped out, protecting our hair with our hands. Not that it made a difference, I may add.

Then we both sped into the school building, heading directly for the cafeteria. It sold Coffee, and I was deeply thankful. Lea was up ahead with Harry, who greeted her with a Movie-Star Kiss, and smiled gracefully at me.

"Hey Tante" he spoke, through Lea's wild brown hair.

I smiled back weakly, and continued down the corridor. Sometimes, Harry could be a bit...I don't know, strange. He was sweet and all, just not my type. I joined the queue, and tried to concentrate on moving up, but a set of beautiful blue eyes wouldn't leave me, and all I could see was the face it belonged too.

Niall frikkin Horan.

That's when he smiled from where he was sitting, and took a bite of toast. I smiled back willingly, and turned to see the queue had moved up once again. I could feel his eyes piercing into my back, and I so badly wanted to spin around and chat to him, but I knew he'd think I was desperate. So I kept my eyes ahead, until I reached the front, where I ordered and collcted in a matter of seconds.

Lea had sat beside Niall now, with both Harry and Liam. Obviously Liam had joined somewhere inbetween, and I was grateful they were all in a group.

The drink began to burn my hand, so I headed on over, and sat beside Lea.

"Hey!" beamed Liam, gazing at me dramatically.

"Hi" I managed, and left my drink on the table behind me. I could feel Lea's gaze now, burning into me, and then her eyes shifted from Niall, to Liam, to me.

"Huh. Niall, not going to anything?" Harry hinted, but Niall shrugged.

I felt a little hurt, and a pinch offended, but I hid it as best I could.

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