The Niall Project (Niall Horan Fanfiction).

Tante-Marie is a 16 year old English girl.
Niall Horan is a 19 year old Irish Lad.
When they both cross paths at school, do sparks fly?
Or do fireworks...?


7. A Hint Of Confusion.

It was Friday. I rose out of my bed, and into the bathroom, where I showered quickly and jumped into something nice. School was never anything special, but when a mufti day was arranged, everybody was anything in their own clothes.

I promised myself to dress hot casualy, and that it wasn't the hot part because I wanted to impress Niall, but the hot part to impress others.

I wore black shorts with dark yellow crosses, and a skull top with a nice black woolen jacket thrown over it all, and on my feet I wore shiny black Doc Martins.

Okay, so I know I said casual, but at our school, that was considered alright. If you came in with a posh dress and high heels... that would be normal. Well, better then normal.

I rushed down the stairs, grabbed a slice of toast and gulped down a glass of orange juice, and picked my bag up from the hallway on the way out. Just as I opened the gate, Lea pulled up. But shock hit me as I realised who sat in the car.

One Direction.

Well, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam, to be precise.

"Hey, Tante! I offered these guys a ride!"

I laughed lightly, and jumped in beside her.

"I can see that. And I can also see that you've borrowed your mum's convertable?"

"Oh come on, it's sunny! Since when is this going to happen again?"

I shrugged, but I had to give her credit for the fact that she was right ; when would we have this weather again?

We were off, and after a while, we arrived in the school gates. As myself and Lea, everybody piled in wearing their awsome home clothes, and when it came to assembly, the hall was surrounded by colour as we all made our way to our seats.

Niall and Harry sat on my side, and Liam, Zayn and Louis sat on Lea's side, because, sadly, we were not in the same form.

"Good morning everybody" called Mr Gueston, our head of year. He didn't look to happy when Niall waved madly, or for that, sat beside me, but he smiled it off in the end. Then he skipped through the slides, and let us out to our classes.

"So, Tante, now were going out..."

"Going out?"

Shock raced through me.

How could he automatically assume that? I mean I knew we kissed, and I said I'd think about it with a smile and all, but it didn't mean we were going out.

"Yeah, cause you kissed me and..."

"Niall, you kissed me! Not the other way round!"

"Yes, but-"

"Yes but, no but. I didn't say we were going out, got it?"

He looked a little confused.

"But Lea told me you said yes last night. She told me you'd explained the kiss, and then you came out with it".

I wanted to slap Lea. How could she say that!

"I wasn't with Lea last night. I didn't even phone her last night!"

Niall looked a little hurt, and embarressed.


"No, I get it"

"No, you don't. I fancy you, but your famous, and that never ends well. I like you, I really do. But if we continue going out when you leave, I won't see you for monthes on end. Then you'll meet someone else..."

"Tante, were not going on tour for a while. At least let us try it out!"

"God, you make this sound like a game".

It was meant to sound like a joke, but Niall wasn't laughing.

"Be like that".

Then he met Harry and they both stalked off.

Talk about confusion.

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