Never Thought It Would Be Me

The story is in your P.O.V(point of view).
You are a belieber and everybody knows it. This means that you do get bullied. But when Bieber visits your town and asks you to show him round, you couldnt care less about what anyone else thinks!


2. Airport

Your P.O.V

I got changed into a pair of denim high waisted shorts and a vest top as it was boiling. I did my make up and put my long,brown hair into a messy bun. Sophie pulled up out side the house and honked her horn. I ran down stairs. "mom,me and Sophie are going to see Bieber. I wont be back too late. Bye!" I shouted into the TV room. "Bye sweetie!" she replied.

"Gurrll you look Fabulous!" laughed Sophie as I got into her car. "Thank you, and you look Fabulous too gurl!" we laughed and talked all the way to the air port which was a 20min drive.

Justins P.O.V
"JUSTIN GET UP!!! WE ARE NEARLY AT THE AIRPORT!!!" scooters voice woke me with a start. I slowly got up and got changed. I walked out of my room and into the main part of the plane yawning. "sit down and put your seat belt on, Justin, we are going to land soon" said my mom without looking up from her magazine. "ok mom" I sat down,put my seat belt on and looked out of the plane window. I saw the tiny cars and houses of *the place where you live*, where I was going to stay for a couple of days.

"this is your captain speaking we are landing in 10mins. The weather is 76degrees and it is sunny with no clouds. Please sit down and prepare for landing."

Your P.O.V

I looked round the small airport. There were no other girls wearing any Bieber tshirts or looked like they were waiting for Justin. I told this to Sophie. "theres not any other Beliebers in this town apart from you...hey, look!" Sophie pointed to a little 3-4yr old girl who had just walked in. " lets go talk to her" I said walking over to her.

"hello, Im *your name*. are you here to see Justin?" I asked. "yes! I cant wait to meet him! Are you here to see him too?" she said in a cute voice. I looked at her mom who was smiling at us. "yes I am. Whats your name, then?" "im Alice. Do you know where Justin will come out of?"she asked shyly. "I think he comes out over there cuz thats where every body comes out of." I said pointing to the terminal exit.

Just as soon as I said that , out walked Moshe and Kenny with Scooter,Pattie and Justin. Alice ran over to him screaming. Her mom ran after her. Me and Sophie slowly made our way towards them.

Justins P.O.V
A little girl ran screaming up to me. I smiled and bent down to her height. She gave me a massive hug which made me smile even more. "hey there sweetie. Whats your name?" i asked. She giggled and replied "im alice".

After I talked with Alice for abit and took some photos, her mom said it was time to go. She said goodbye and I love you then ran off. I looked at the two girls who had been watching me. One of the girls pushed and friend fowards. Instantly our eyes met and my insides melted at the angel who stood before me.
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