Mara Owens was just an ordinary girl, until it all changed. Her true identity has been uncovered. She is an Element Mage - a truly rare being. Most only have the power to influence one or two elements, but Mara can influence them all - water, fire, earth, and air. Making her a threat. Many set out to destroy her, but with the help of her two best friends, Kate, and Jay, will she be able to reach her destiny? . . .

DISCLAIMER: This story does not belong to anyone else. It is not the property of anyone but me, KB, and it is not owned by any Buisness, website! Individual, or group rather than I. All rights reserved to me.


1. Faces

It's dark. Too dark. I can't see anymore. I stretch out my arms, try to feel what I can't see. Nothing. I step forwards, and stumble. Suddenly a light flicks on. It's still dark, but i see a face. It's eyes glare, they are drenched in coldness, and hate. It wears a grimace, and it's nose is screwed and wrinkled in distaste. The lips start to part into a smile, a fake, unmeaningful smile. I hear a voice.
"Mara. . .Mara. . .Can you hear me?"
The voice is distant, and it echo's throughout my head.
I tremble, shake all over. Suddenly everything goes black again, and I am falling. Faster and faster. I scream.

* * *

"Mara! Wake up! You need to go to school!"
I warily blinked my eyes open.
It was my mother, Sarah. She was leaning over me, her expression somewhat Worried.
"uugghhh!" I groaned. "school."
Normally, school would have been a good thought, I'd be happy to see my friends. But today, I just wasn't in the mood.
"Yes, school. Now hurry up - you're gonna be late"
Sarah stood up, and went downstairs to the kitchen, I guessed, when I heard some pans bang together.
She's a lovely person, and pretty too. She has caramel coloured hair that reaches just below her shoulders, big blue eyes, and a few freckles dotted here and there on her pale skin. My dad, Mike, has cropped hair, also blonde, with deep brown eyes on top of equally pale skin.
It's not hard to tell that I was adopted. I look nothing like either of them. I have brown hair, with streaks of red, and gold in it. Bright green eyes, and naturally tanned skin.
Even though they adopted me, they treat me like I'm their real daughter. I was two when they took me in, and now I'm fifteen, so i never knew my real parents. To be honest, I don't think I would want to.
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