Up Up and Away

Haliee Payne has a normalish life, considering her how famous her Dad is. Everything seems okay until one of her Dad's ex band mates, Niall Horan comes to their house wanting a reunion tour next year. Haliee and her brother Taylor are thrown into their Dad's old world as One Direction's children try to bring back the greatest boy band of the 21st century...
p.s. I've let the boys just marry whoever, don't take it seriously.
p.p.s. I don't live in the future so I don't know what it'll be like so it's kinda the same as now.
p.p.p.s This has grown up Lux in so it's like a horror story.


2. Chapter 2

We were only half way through the first film when a huge Audi pulled up the drive.
"I thought they weren't meant to be here til seven?" I asked Dad.
"They're not, Danielle's gonna go mental!" He laughed.

We just managed to tidy up the room before the doorbell rung. We opened it to find three people on the doorstep, one who I didn't know. Niall looked like he'd aged a lot, his usually clean shaven face was littered with stubble and he'd got a new tattoo on his wrist. Lia smiled at me, it was crazy how much she looked like her mum, Amy. The other person was a woman, around my mums age with long dip died hair and a pretty face.
"Hey Nialler" Dad said "Finally got three tattoos? Well to be honest I haven't got many more than that".
"Yeah Liam, don't you go thinking that your so cool mate" Niall said in his strong Irish accent. "Oh hey there Haliee, this is Demi."
She smiled sweetly "Hey honey, nice to meet you. Hey Liam, it's been what like 15 years?" She had one of those American accents which made her sound like she was from a movie about a girls high school life.
"Yeah it's been ages Dem" he replied "Dani and my son Taylor are just out at the moment but they'll be back in a bit".

I lead Lia and Demi into the living room and got them some coffee and cake. As I was going back upstairs for my gilet I realised Dad and Niall were still in the hall. I saw them talking and stopped (being my nosy self) to listen.
"No Liam, it's just got pathetic now" Niall whispered "it's an old argument and they need to get a grip."
"Yeah but that's not the problem Niall, is it?" Dad said "We can get Zayn back anytime, Lou and Harry won't make up, Harry's not gonna fly all the way over from America just for that."
"What can we do to make him then!" Niall said complaining "All he cares about is Taylor and his kids. I was talking to Cher the other week and she said that he always used to bitch about Louis to her, that was part of the reason she got sick of him".

They started whispering again for a minute so I tried to piece it together. So Dad's band One Direction split up ages ago because Harry and Louis had an argument, yeah I knew that. But now they wanted them to get back together and they said it would be easy for Zayn but Harry hates Louis so much, blah blah blah.
"Liam" Niall suddenly said louder "I think I've got it".
"Well Harry's oldest son lives with Cara in London." He explained "so what if he finds out Louis daughter is friends with his son?"
Dad sighed "Come on. Poppy's in Yorkshire with the rest of her family. She's not gonna come down here."
"Oh yeah? Well she's staying with Connor and Lux on Sunday whilst Lou and El are on Barbados."
"What really?!" Dad said in his normal voice. Niall gave him daggers so he started whispering again "We'll we can get the kids friends with Harry's son, Jack, then we'll find a reason to send them round to Lux's on Sunday."

I heard there hands slap together in a high five and something about calling someone called Cara. Before they walked straight past me into the living room. I sat down on a stair and took a deep breath. I about to get caught up into my dad's world again, far into it, I knew what I was facing. my life was about to fly right past the shit stage, right down into hell.
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