Up Up and Away

Haliee Payne has a normalish life, considering her how famous her Dad is. Everything seems okay until one of her Dad's ex band mates, Niall Horan comes to their house wanting a reunion tour next year. Haliee and her brother Taylor are thrown into their Dad's old world as One Direction's children try to bring back the greatest boy band of the 21st century...
p.s. I've let the boys just marry whoever, don't take it seriously.
p.p.s. I don't live in the future so I don't know what it'll be like so it's kinda the same as now.
p.p.p.s This has grown up Lux in so it's like a horror story.


1. Chapter 1

I had to admit, I was glad that the Christmas holidays had come. Dad had said St George's would be better, he'd said that there were a lot of kids from backgrounds like me, that it would be fine this time. Well, it hadn't turned out like that. I just been sent to the other end of London to some posh boarding school to find, yeah a lot of rich kids, but when your Dad's Liam Payne your suddenly way more interesting than everyone else. Everybody expected me to be talented, pretty and popular, instead of shy, awkward and nerdy. But I can't fade into the shadows, I just get more attention because I won't stand up to them.

I wandered through the car park alone, looking for my mum. Livi and Hannah had already gone back to their house in Scotland and they were the only people I really liked here. I sat down, feeling a bit sorry for myself because my life was in this mess when a loud cockney accent shouted "Oy! Get up Haliee! We've been waiting for ages."
I turned to see a shiny black sports car stop in front of me, with my brother sticking his head out window laughing at me.
"Taylor, don't be rude to your sister. Hay, come on get in the car we've got to get home because your Dad'll be back from Andy's soon and he broke his key," my mother said from next to Taylor.
"Okay, okay I'm coming" I said in my whiniest voice, just to annoy her.

Two hours later we pulled up into our drive. I put away my iPod which I'd only had on in the first place so Taylor would shut up. Together we unloaded all our stuff and put it away. Mum was taking Tay to Rugby so she left me with one of her annoying little note things where she lists exactly what I need to do. It said:
. Make sure everything is put in the right place in your room.
. Make yourself some dinner.
. Let Dad in when he comes home.

They really were that pathetic. She brushed her curly hair out her face and looked at me sternly. "We'll be back in around two hours so-"
"Two hours!" Tay interrupted.
"Yes because we're quickly going shopping afterwards" she explained before turning to me "Anyway Haliee we'll be back in a few hours and make sure you do everything on that list"
"Yes Mum," I said glumly.
They walked out the door and back to the car. As I heard them drive away I turned to my list.
"Make sure everything is put in the right place in your room," I muttered to myself "Can't be arsed. Make yourself some dinner, I'll get a Pot Noodle. Let Dad in when he comes home, he's not here yet."
I cooked my Pot Noodle (well put it in the micro wave, whatever) and sat down on the sofa watching a replay of the X Factor final.

About half an hour later the doorbell rang so, reluctantly I got up and went to open it.
"Hey Dad" I said
He looked down at me and smiled.
"Hellooo. Vas happenin in the sad school life?"
"It's what's happening Dad, what's happening. And St George's is just as shit as the rest of them. In fact almost even shitter."
He put his arm round me and sighed, steering me back into the living room where he sat down next to me.
"Hey look, don't worry" he said gently " It's gonna be okay. Niall's coming round later so you can talk to Lia about it, she's been through it all."
I rolled my "Lia isn't like me Dad. First of all, she keeps her mum's name and lives with her half the time, she's pretty and popular and she doesn't care about attention, she likes it."
He sighed again, knowing he was losing the argument. "Haliee, I need to tell you something. I struggled at school, bullied so badly I used to skive it. One time I invited my whole class to my birthday party but no one turned up. Cause Hay, that's the truth, you've got to put up with everything and just think about it ending, what can happen then hey? Think about what you want to do."
"I want to move to Africa and go and live in the jungle. A-l-o-n-e."
He did a sad pouty face at me. "Come on, you won't. I don't even care if you've found your inner Mowgli."
"My inner Mowgli? Who's Mowgli?" I asked him.
"What you've never seen the Jungle Book?" He asked me in astonishment "What Disney films have you seen?"
"Not many of the old cartoon ones. Of them I've seen Toy Story, Mulan, Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast."
"You're so weird! Come on we're watching Disney films!" He practically shouted. Seriously my Dad still thinks he's like ten sometimes.
"Aw come on," he said "How come your all moody now you're fifteen? Your brother's the happy twin, you're the grumpy one."
"Are you saying Tay's the better one?" I said with fake anger.
He grinned at me I pulled a handful of old DVD's out from under the sofa.
"The better twins the one who's watched most of these. And so far the score is 9-4 so, get watching!"
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