Promise you'll be mine.

This is a Liam Payne fan-fic. Also my first movella, so please give me feedback and tips thanks. xx. Liam and Amy have been best friends ever since she moved in across the road from him. Amy was quite popular and always had boys following her around. Whereas Liam was bullied and tormented everyday at school. Amy helped him and stopped most boys before anything really bad could happen. But when one of the boys at school force her to do something she doesn't want to, will she be able to cope with her anxiety? PLOT TWIISTT... Read more to find out what happens.. Thank you all. <3


2. I will always have your back.

Liam's POV~
I woke to the sound of my alarm cutting into my sleep. It's always when you get to the best part of your dream you wake up. Sunlight was streaming through my window hitting my face. My bed was right next to the window. I looked around my room. It was relatively clean. Only a couple of clothes on the floor. I got up out of bed and got ready for another grueling day at school and it was only Tuesday! The only thing that encouraged me to go to school was Amy. I got out my phone and texted her. -To: Amy(: "I'll drive you to school?" We live 40 mins away from school so I usually drive her since I have a license and a car. My phone buzzed beside me. -Amy(: "Thanks, i have breakfast." I replied. -To: Amy "Okay I'll be over in 10." I had just finished putting on my clothes, jeanes, a simple shirt and a coat. It was cold outside. When I got a text. -Amy "Okay but be prepared to see me in my pjs. ;)" I laughed. Like I care, I've seen her in her pjs before and I don't mind. She is really cute when she has just woken up. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs. My mum was awake. "Amy's?" She asked. "Yep." I replied. "You like her don't you?" She asked. "Yeah." I looked down at the floor. "Ask her out Liam, she likes you back, I can tell." I don't know if that's true but I just nodded and walked out the door mumbling 'goodbye'. I wouldn't ask her out. I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Plus she had some bad breakups so I thought it might be to soon. I knocked on Amys door. Leanne answered. "Hello Liam." She said warmly. "Hello Leanne.". "Here for Amy?" She asked. "Yeah I'm driving her to school." I said scratching the back of my neck nervously. "Liam?" She said looking me straight in the eyes. "I'm giving you permission to ask Amy out. I know she likes you and you are such a charming lad." I smiled. "Thank you. But I don't want to loose our friendship, what if she doesn't like me?" I sounded like a little kid. "Liam, trust me. She does." I nodded and walked upstairs, feeling a lot better. But still a voice was nagging me at the back of my head. "How could she like you, she is beautiful, funny, amazing and you are just ugly and dumb, you don't deserve her." I tried to push the voice out of my head, for now. Amy's door was oped so I walked in. She only had a bra and undies on. "Oh my gosh Liam! I'm so sorry!" She quickly pulled her clothes on, I turned around of course. "Okay your all good. ". She said. "When you said you'd be in your pjs I didn't expect this!" I laughed. She joined in. I sat on her bed and took out my phone. Amy went over to sit at her makeup table. I don't know why but I took a photo of her. It was the perfect photo. She was sitting face to the mirror but because I was behind her, her back was towards me but her reflection was facing me. She was looking straight into the lense of my phone and had an intreguied smile on her face and you could se me in the background smiling. It was just perfect. "Amy, look at this photo I just took of you." I walked over to her. "Wow, that looks so good. Can you send it to me?" she asked. "Sure". I said. I sent her the photo. "Where is your phone anyway?" I asked. "Over on my bed. Li, what jacket should I wear?" She turned to me holding up two jackets. I put on my best sas voice, "Well, the grey one like, totally will go with your make up, but the red one brings out your skin colour and eyes." She laughed. "But yeah love, the red one." I said in my normal voice. "Thanks babe!" I stood there and watched as she pulled on the jacket. I admired her legs, they looked so good in those jeanes. She could be a tumblr girl I swear. Though I'd rather have her all to myself. Amy was average height for a girl and she had long curly hair that ended just below her ribs. She had a beautiful tan that brought out her green eyes. Another thing I loved about her is that she enjoyed sport a lot and she was good at it too, she was as fast as me! "Come on Liam, let's go get breakfast." she said, snapping my out of my daydream.

Amys POV~
We decided to go to McDonaldls for breakfast since we had time to spare time. It was very cold out and it was raining. During the car ride to maccas Liam had said something to me that worried me. "Can't we just skip school, just for today?" he asked. "No Liam, I know nobody treats you the way you deserve it but I will always have your back, you can't let the bully win!" I said defiantly. Suddenly thunder rumbled and lightning cracked lighting up the sky. I couldn't help but let out a whimper. Liam put a hand on my leg to comfort me and I relaxed a little. But a loud slap of thunder made me scream and Liam pulled over. I suffer from anxiety and Panik attacks. Liam hopped into the back of the car and I followed him. Liam owned a massave car so there was heaps of room. Liam held me close and I buried my face in his chest. I loved the smell of Liam, I always wear his shirts so I could smell him all the time. Thunder rumbled. It felt like I was slowly awaiting death. I hated the feeling. I was crying into Liam and shivering. He reached up the front and turned the heat up more, even though I wasn't shivering because I was cold. Just as I had begun to sneak my head out of his jacket, another growl of thunder came. I screamed and his again. Liam was rubbing my back and I was sitting on him, holding onto his neck. He pulled me closer and I slowly looked up at him. He looked down at me and drew me closer. "everything will be alright babe." he soothed. I loved the sound of his voice, we were so close together I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I looked at him and slowly drew myself up ready to kiss him, we both leaned in I closed my eyes butterfly's forming in my stomach. But he pulled away. My heart sunk. "We better got going. We don't want to be late for school." I agreed and we both mover back to the front. I was still a little scared so Liam put his hand back on my leg. Electric shockes ran through my body at his touch. I grabbed his hand and interlocked our fingers. He looked down at me surprised but then smiled and went back to looking at the road, I smiled to and neither smile left our lips until we got to school.

Liam's POV~
Uhghh, we're here. School. I hate the word. Don't get me wrong I am sort of smart and don't struggle with work, it's just the people. I get bullied a lot. I don't really know why. But I was still so happy. Me and Amy were holding hands! Electric shocks ran all through me all the way to school. I just wanted her to be in my arms and to be able to call her mine. But apparently Bill, a popular guy has her all to himself. "Are you and Bill going out?" I asked her. "No he wants to but I don't. He just wont take no for a answer." she replied. Good. I thought. But I just nodded. We quickly ran to our classes and I couldn't wait until luchtime so I could talk to her again. I got to my locker and got my books but Bill was there, a wave of fear swept over me. Calm down Liam, keep cool. "Oh look who is here" He said. I just ignored him. He pushed me up against the locker. I wanted to run but there was nowhere to go. Tears stung my eyes as he hit me hard in the stomach. He was about to hit me again when a voice interrupted him. "BILLY JOHNSON! LEAVE LIAM ALONE!" it was Amy, she was so brave to stick up for me. Once Billy saw who it was he turned back to me. "And what will you give me?" He asked Amy. "Anything, just leave my bestfriend alone." he considered for a moment then said. "Go out with me." Amy reluctantly nodded. "Amy you don't have to do this for me!" I cried. "Its okay Liam." she soothed. It she was doing so much for me. "No it's not" I said through gritted teeth. I then looked Bill straight in the eye, making him feel uncomfortable, I could feel it. I said "You may be 'going out with her' but just know when she feels alone she isn't gonna run to you, she will run to me. Just know that after you do god knows what to her she will come running to me for support and I'll be there to catch her and bring her back up again!" I said putting as much force as I could into those words. "And just know when your kissing her she won't be thinking of you!" I said poking him in the chest making him step back. "Liam don't do this." Amy whispered. "Who will she be thinking of then?" Billy questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Someone that could treat her so much better that you ever will!" I said looking him straight in the eye. Then something inside him snapped, I saw it in his eyes. He lunged at me. I did my best to try to fight him off. Amy ran in between us trying to pull Billy off me. The next thing he did made me more angry than I had ever been. He hit Amy sending her flying to the floor. I stiffened. Part of me wanted to go to see if she was okay. But the other, more dominate part, wanted to knock this basted senceless. I think he senceless the change in me because I saw a flicker of fear in his eyes. I shoved him off me and stood above him. "DON'T. YOU. EVER. TOUCH. HER. AGAIN.!" I yelled right in his face. "or what?" he remarked a smirk on his face. My reply for him was a forceful punch in the face.

Amy's POV~
Me, Liam and Bill are outside of the principals office. She said shed call us in one at a time to tell out story. I was holding Liam's hand. He interlocked our fingers and held them tightly. Bill had to go in first and I knew he was going to lie. "You okay babe?" Liam asked. After he had gone. I looked up at him. "Yeah, apart from when he--." I broke off. "Shhhh, it's okay now." He soothed me. He rubbed my back with his hand and I just wanted to lie in bed with him. But I was in school instead. Soon Bill came out and I was called in to tell Mrs. Mayfield what I saw happened. And I told the ablolute truth. "Thank you Miss. Tomlin." She said as I walked out. I was supposed to go back to class but instead I waited for Liam to come out. When he finally did walk out. We both went to lunch and sat together alone at the table as we always did. Nobody wanted to sit next to Liam except for me. I remember one time when we were about 10. Liam had planned a party for his whole class. He wouldn't stop talking about it and got all the decorations by himself and we hung them up together, he spend weeks of planning it but no one ever showed up. So it was just us two Like is has always been. I don't have any real friends apart from Liam. But that's good cause Liam is a sweetheart. After lunch we went back to a normal, long and boring school day.
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