Promise you'll be mine.

This is a Liam Payne fan-fic. Also my first movella, so please give me feedback and tips thanks. xx. Liam and Amy have been best friends ever since she moved in across the road from him. Amy was quite popular and always had boys following her around. Whereas Liam was bullied and tormented everyday at school. Amy helped him and stopped most boys before anything really bad could happen. But when one of the boys at school force her to do something she doesn't want to, will she be able to cope with her anxiety? PLOT TWIISTT... Read more to find out what happens.. Thank you all. <3


1. New house, new friend.

Amy's POV~
So here I sit, four year old me, eargily waiting to see our new house. When we finally arrived I jumped out of the car to see a huge house. No joke it was like a mansion! The front lawn was pretty big with green nicely mowed grass. A wide concrete path was layed so you didn't have to walk on the grass to get to the door. In the middle of the path was a small fountain, it was beautiful! The front of the house had a small porch with a couch on the verandah. Around the verandah was small flower bushes. It was so lovely. I ran around on the grass, we never had a lawn at my old place (we lived in an apartment.) I fell over but it didn't hurt. The grass was soft and spongey. I rolled around doing soumersaults, not even caring that my dress was flipping up and the whole world could probably see my Dora the Explorer undies if they wanted to. I landed in a heap, catching my breath. My parents were looking at me laughing. A big smile spread across my lips and little giggles escaped my mouth. I looked down the street, observing all the houses. They were all pretty big. But our house was the biggest. Yay! I am going to have so much fun in this house! Just then I saw a family coming across the street to my parents. I got up and walked over to mum and dad. The strangers greeted us. "Welcome, I hope you settle in well. I'm Geoff Payne." He said holding out his hand to my mum and dad. "Thank you. I'm Taylor Tomlin and this is my wife Leanne and my daughter Amy." Replied my dad pointing to my mum and me in turn. "I'm Karen and this is our son, Liam." Said the lady, shaking both my parents hands. I looked over at Liam. "Hi, I'm Liam." He said a smile spreading across his face as he pointed to himself. He was funny. "Hellooo" I said, stretching out the 'o'. "I'm Amy". I shook hands with him imatating my parents. We both laughed at how grown up we thought we were. "I think we are going to be best friends." He said. And to this day that was true. We were inseparable. You would always find us together. We had so many memories together. On our first day of school we supported each other and still do. Sometimes we get a little freaked out because Liam is afraid of spoons and I'm afraid of thunder so we always make sure we are there to comfort each other if we ever come across these things. I am now sixteen and Liam is seventeen, this was going to be a big year for me and Liam so this is we're I will start my story.
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