Kate O'shea is kidnapped, but then she is passed on to her favourite band, One Direction. Will she fall in love with one of them? Will she join the group? Find out in this story...

I'm sorry i don't entirely know what category to do so i said Other! :) Please comment :)


4. Where?

Kate's P.O.V:

He chucked me in the back of a white van. It was pitch black in there. We drove for around an hour, he had taken my phone off me! We stopped at a service station he said "Shut up, or else..." I was worried and scared stiff. He grabbed a McDonald's for himself and i was left there no food nor drink. He locked all he doors in the van so i couldn't escape. I wasn't willing to anyway. I peeked up to look through to the front and saw a bladed knife with blood on. He turned on a rubbish signaled radio station really loud so it would hurt my ears with all the crackling.

When we came to our next stop he jumped out of the van and pulled me out with him. He took me into an alleyway and started taking all my stuff he then left me for a few minutes. But he came back, he chucked me onto a doorstep and rang the bell and ran so i was left there. 

They answered the door and took me inside. The person that answered the door was a lady wearing an apron with cleaning gloves on. She took me into a room that looked like a living room/sitting room/snug. She called someones name, i didn't take notice of their name. Down came the boys from One Direction, she said "I just found this girl on the doorstep and a man running from her." She told them ripping away the fabric covering my mouth. "Whats your name?" Harry asked

"Kate, I'm Kate" I replied

"Kate, that's a pretty name" said Louis

"Thank you" I replied, "I love all you songs, especially They Don't Know About Us!" I told them

"Thank you, How old are you?" They all said together

"I'm 16" I replied "Why?"

"We just wanted to know" They all said together, again!

"Oh ok." i replied

"Where did you come from?" Asked Liam

"Well i was in Cardiff shopping with my friend and a man took me chucked me in the back of his van and drove me here, he took my phone and everything!" I explained to them

"Oh, would you like to ring your parents?" Zayn asked kindly

"If i could, that would be lovely" I thanked them.

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