Kate O'shea is kidnapped, but then she is passed on to her favourite band, One Direction. Will she fall in love with one of them? Will she join the group? Find out in this story...

I'm sorry i don't entirely know what category to do so i said Other! :) Please comment :)


2. Shopping

The first shop we went to was Gilly Hicks, my favorite shop of all time! I bought a hoody there. It was blue with red writing on reading Gilly Hicks.

We then went to Hollister, I bought a top that was grey with pink writing on reading Hollister. Lucy didn't buy anything until we went into Superdry after Hollister. She bought a top that was grey with pink writing on reading Superdry. And that was all her money GONE in one top!

I wanted to go to the Apple store as you can play on the Ipad's and Ipod's etc. I went on a load of games on the Ipad. By then it was 2.00pm and we were leaving at 3.00pm.

In the center, the album Take me home came on. I was so exited, a load of people around me and Lucy were singing, as were we. They Don't Know About Us came on and i was singing SO LOUD!!! I think Lucy was getting a bit embarrassed. LOL 


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