Kate O'shea is kidnapped, but then she is passed on to her favourite band, One Direction. Will she fall in love with one of them? Will she join the group? Find out in this story...

I'm sorry i don't entirely know what category to do so i said Other! :) Please comment :)


6. On the date

Nialls POV:

As soon as i saw Kate, i stopped and stared. She was the most beautiful girl in the world. So yeah, i asked her out!

I drove my car out of the garage, it was a white Porsche with a registration plate reading NI41 NJH like, Niall NJH as in Niall James Horan - Kate liked that. I was kind of showing off a bit, trying to impress her. I wanted her so bad, she was gorgeous. 

We went to the cinema and decided to watch Parental Guidance, you know, the one with the grandparents and kids in. Kate's laugh is so cute though its a giggle more than a laugh. I think she likes me too (yippee!)

After the film we decided to have a KFC. It was delicious! I ate a huge burger and chips whereas Kate only ate a small kids popcorn chicken meal! I am a bit messy when it comes to eating, the ketchup splashed all over my face when i opened it - which was hilarious!! I think Kate got a bit embarrassed by this though! 

We decided to go home, by this time it was late so we went straight to bed. Me and Kate had to share my king sized bed as there were no other beds in the house. In the morning i woke up and found myself close to Kate, i think something had happened last night, but i couldn't remember anything other than me and her having a great date.



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