Kate O'shea is kidnapped, but then she is passed on to her favourite band, One Direction. Will she fall in love with one of them? Will she join the group? Find out in this story...

I'm sorry i don't entirely know what category to do so i said Other! :) Please comment :)


5. Contacting home

As i picked up Zayn's mobile phone somebody rang it. So he answered it and said "I'm sorry, emergencies, Bye!!!" And i was so grateful.

I rang my mums number, she asnwered

"Hey mum, it's Kate" I said

"Oh darling, where are you?" she replied with a sigh of relief

"I'm at One Directions house."

"Yeh right, come on tell me, where are you?" She replied

"Honestly, i am"

"Tell me where you are and i'll come pick you up!" She said starting to get angry


Then she hung up, so i decided to stay there, at their house.

"Wait, wheres Niall?" I asked them confused

"Oh hes upstairs!" they replied. "NIALL COME DOWN WE'VE GOT A VISITOR!" they shouted

"COMING!" Niall shouted back

"Is it ok if i stay here, i mean forever?" I asked them, politely

"Sure" they said

"Thank you" i replied

Niall came running down the stairs exited to see a visitor. As soon as he got to the bottom and saw me, he slowed down, and started to stare at me. He asked "Whats your name then?"

"Kate" I replied staring back, he was gorgeous, i loved his Irish accent.

"Wow Kate, your beautiful" He replied

"Oh, thank you" i was so glad he liked me

"Do you want to go out some time?" he asked me. I think he liked me.

"Sure, how about now?" I replied, "Wait, i don't have anything other than these clothes."

"Your beautiful, no matter what you wear" He said, he's so sweet!

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