My Bad Boy (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Cleo your normal teenage girl, the thing is, she isnt exactly...popular. She is bullied at school everyday. This causes her to be insecure and doubtful of herself. That was until the schools bad boy Niall Horan, finally notices for more than just a bully target.


14. This Is All My Fault

~**~ Cleos POV ~**~

I woke up to the sun on my skin beaming through to windows of my bedroom. I rustle a little not wanting to have to wake up and go to school. My eyes flicker open and everything comes back to my mind from last night. Niall slept over. I open my eyes completely to see that im alone in my bed...did I dream it?

I sit up and a piece of paper falls to the floor off the bed. I reach down and pick it up, its folded up and has my name written on the outside. I smile and open the note


hey beautiful, sorry I had to leave this morning. We should have more nights like last night.

Love Niall


ps: you look really cute when your sleeping


I smile to myself and fold the note up again. I have a sudden motivation to get up and go to school this morning. I don't know what has come over me, am I falling for him? Last night has changed everything I ever thought and felt about Niall, hes sweet, not a prick.

I decide on white ripped denim jeans and a loose black top to wear to school. I slip on a pair of black flats and let me hair flow down for me to straighten. After my hairs straight and pinned how I like it, I apply a little makeup and im done.

I head downstairs to the kitchen and say goodbye to my parents and leave. Im not one for having breakfast, I mean like I need to lose a little...everyone tells me I don't, but I do...I was diagnosed with anorexia last year, no one noticed but my parents. Of Course no one not popular, or pretty, im a nobody. If I lose weight again and get skinnier, maybe they will notice me and think im pretty..

Thoughts ran through my mind about Niall and last night. I couldn't wait to see him at school today. I walk in through the school gates and enter the school building. I look round for Niall and I spot him over in the distance, I smile and just wanna run over to him and hug him close. I walk over to Niall and his friends and Niall smiles at me when he sees me, none of his friends notice.

When I get close enough for his friends to notice me, I hear them talking about me..

"HA look who it is" one says

"what makes you think an ugly girl like you can come over here with us" says another one

I look at Niall who just looks back at me

"oi Niall, you usually know how to deal with this thing, your not gunna let her just rock up like this, we are way out of her league" says another.

I see Niall stand there and think to himself.

"yea, what do you think your doing?" Niall says to me

"what?" I say taken aback

"you heard me, get lost" He says to me

tears begin to well up in my eyes as I look into Nialls, why would he say that. Was last night nothing to him? all just a sick joke to him?!

"I hate you!" I yell at him as I run off down the hall.

I run out of the building and out into the courtyard of the school. Its raining but I couldn't care less. I run over to a tree which slightly covered me from the rain, but barly. I slide down the tree and just sit there crying. Why must people treat me like shit...why must they play with my heart and emotions....


~**~ Nialls POV ~**~

What the hell did I just do... I may have just lost the first girl I have ever actually loved...

"you coming Niall?" one of my friends say

"yea um, sure" I say, hoping Cleo would be ok.

I walk into the first class and scan the room, realizing that Cleo wasn't present. Shit...what did I do...

After the first class I look outside, its still pouring down rain...what bad weather.

"what do u think Niall?" one of my friends say to me

"huh?" I say

"I said what do u think about the party at mine this weekend?" he said looking at me weird

"oh yea, im keen" I say looking back to where Cleo usually sits in class

The bell rings for the class to end, I head out of the room and decide to skip 2nd class and look for Cleo, I cant let her go.

"oi Niall where u goin?" one of my friends call out

"I think im gunna skip 2nd k?" I reply

"keeping your rep up huh" he said chuckling

"ah yea, gotta keep my reputation" I said bak fake laughing

I walk round the school building and theres no sign of Cleo anywhere. I start to get worried. I was almost about to give up but then I remembered the old tree that Cleo use to sit under to draw...After I use to make fun of her....

I look outside and theres Cleo...outside...sitting under the the rain....

I run outside into the rain and over to Cleo, as I get closer I realize that shes shaking, shes cold...but I could tell that she didn't care at all.

"Cleo!" I yell out

Her head shoots up and gives me a glare. Her eyes are red and puffy, shes obviously been crying...What did I do...

"get lost Niall!" she screams at me

"babe im so sorry" I say calmly

"don't call me that! get lost!" she screams at me

"babe, please, I know you ma-" I say until she cuts me off.

"you think?! not go away!" I yells

"I know you mad but can you atleast come inside for me please I don't want you getting sick" I say calmly as I slip off my jacket and try to give it too her, but she only shoves me away

"do you have fun playing with girls hearts niall? making them feel like someone actually likes them then crushing them to the ground?" she says almost calmly.

"I didn't mean to Cleo, I didn't want to lose my rep" I say looking down

"its good to know where your prioites stand niall, reputation first then girls" she says as she stands up and walks away into the school building.

I standing there thinking to myself at how bad this is...I just lost the girl I loved...On the plus side, atleast shes inside and out of the cold rain...

I run back into the school and shake my head fast to get all the rain droplets off. I walk into the second class which I planned to skip. Theres Cleo, sitting in her normal seat, drenched and shaking.

This is all my fault...







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