My Bad Boy (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Cleo your normal teenage girl, the thing is, she isnt exactly...popular. She is bullied at school everyday. This causes her to be insecure and doubtful of herself. That was until the schools bad boy Niall Horan, finally notices for more than just a bully target.


15. Then Everything Went Black...

~**~ Cleos POV ~**~

I sat here in class shaking from the cold which has taken over my body since sitting out in the rain. My clothes are still drenched and my top is slightly see though but I couldn't care less, all I cared about was getting through this class without having to deal with Niall and his "reputation". The teacher round up the lesson and dismissed the class, I got up from my seat and shot for the door. From behind me I hear Niall yelling out to me to get my attention but I ignored his every call and just kept walking. I decided to fake sick so that I could go home. So as soon as I was out of Niall's sight I walked quickly towards the Nurses office.

I sat in the waiting room thinking about what Niall did. Why would he do that to me...I thought he actually liked me, and to be honest I actually started to like him. I liked the way my small frame fit perfectly into his chest and his arms snaked round my waist. I liked the way he held me close when I was scared and how he called me baby. I use to think that guys calling girls baby was undermining to women but honestly, I think its the cutest thing ever. My thoughts are room interrupted by the nurse calling me into the station.

"come on in dear" she said smiling and holding out her arm gesturing for me in enter the room

"thanx.." I say quietly looking down to make it look like I was seriously sick.

I took a seat next to her desk as I watched her sit down on the chair across from me.

"what seems to be the problem dear" she said smiling

"I just feel really sick..." I say looking up at her

"that's not good honey, do you think you can make the rest of the day? its only half a day" she said questioningly

"no!...I mean no sorry" I say, regretting how I just spoke to her when she has been so nice to me.

"its fine honey, you don't actually feel sick do you" she said looking into my eyes

I look back up into her eyes knowing that I could let me heart out to her

"no... sorry" I replied

"its ok honey, do you wanna talk about it?" she said sweetly with a smile

"its just a boy and his stupid reputation which is obviously more important than me" I said looking down.

"ahhh boys these days" she said understanding me exactly

"yea..." I replied

"honey, back in my day, boys were gentleman. Women were treated like diamonds" she said

"if only they still did" I said quietly

"some still do, you just have to find the right one" she said smiling

I looked up at her smiling

"your right" I say smiling

"now honey, keep this between us but im going to give you a slip to go home ok." she said smiling

"thankyou" I said smiling and grateful

"no problem darling, if you every need to talk again you come straight to me ok" she said

"thankyou" I replied as I tookt he slip.

I left the room and began walking down the hall. I noticed a figure at the end of the hall leaning against the lockers, Niall. I froze and he looked up at me.

"Cleo!" he yelled out to me

I turned around and walked the other way and decided to leave via the back entrance to the school.

"Cleo please!" I hear him yell and I hear footsteps, fast footsteps coming up behind me.

I just kept walking, a little faster than before. I reached the back entrance to the school and walked out, knowing that Niall was still following me.

"you cant just leave! your a good girl, you wouldn't leave without a pass!" he yelled to me.

I kept walking but held up the pass which allowed me to leave the school for the rest of the day.

I hear the yelling stop, and I just continue walking. I get about half way home when I reach the dark alley way which I have to walk through to get home if I use the back entrance to the school. It was darker than usual due to the stormy weather. I cautiously entered the alley way wanting to get through it as quick as possible. I got about a quarter of the way though when I hear male voices from the other end of the alley way which I was heading to. They spot me and smirk and begin walking down the alley way towards me. I turn around and walk the other way hoping that they weren't actually coming for me, they were coming this way just to get to another destination such as me getting home. I look up to the way I entered the alley way and see more guys looking in. Theres a total of 3 or 4 now. I turn round again but the other guys are still there.

"hey beautiful" one of them say

"your looking pretty good today" another says

"please um I have to get home" I say trying to walk between them

"hey hey hey where do you think your going missy" one says grabbing my arm

"let go of me!" I say as I snatch me arm out of his grip

"shes feisty" one says

"please just let me go!" I say as I start to have tears well up in my eyes

"we will, after you let us have a little fun" another says

They all close in on me and hold me still as they begin to feel me and hold me against the wall. One had my mouth covered by his hand so my screams were no use at all. I figited as much as I could as I struggled to get away from their grip.

"stop moving!" one yells as his hand swings at me and smacks me in the head, knocking my head against the way hard, I begin to drop in and out of consciousness as the men continue with what they were doing.

Then everything went black....


heyy guys :) soooo as you may already know, im on holidays :) so im gunna try and update as much as possible. Im sorry I didn't update this earlier, I have been tired from the drive home from uni haha I was going to update this when I updated my other fanfic "in love with my teacher" but I was wayyy to tired. Check out my other fanfic :)

anyways let me know what you think :) What has been your favourite part of the fanfic so far???


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