My Bad Boy (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Cleo your normal teenage girl, the thing is, she isnt exactly...popular. She is bullied at school everyday. This causes her to be insecure and doubtful of herself. That was until the schools bad boy Niall Horan, finally notices for more than just a bully target.


16. The Sight Infront of Me

~**~ Nialls POV ~**~

I walked back to class, I cant believe Cleo actually went home...Im such an idiot. Im going to go to her place after school, apologise and make it up to her. Ill take her out to dinner, or even if she wants to just stay home and watch a movie, ill do it. Whatever it takes to see that smile on her face again. Thoose dimples which show on the right side of her cheek but never the left. The little diamonds in her eyes which sparkle every time I see her face light up like the sun. 

School dragged on today...just thinking about seeing Cleo this afternoon and making everything better. I look at the clock and there still another 2 hours of school left. Im tempted to skip the rest of school but I know Cleo would hate that and would probably make things worse. I decide to text her, not expecting...but hoping for a reply.


hey baby, listen im really sorry ok. Im a jerk...please talk to me xx



I sat here in music class, where im usually jamming out on my guitar like theres no care in the world, and instead sitting here worried about my girl and how I broke her. I wait for what seems like hours for a reply, but after 15 mins theres still no reply and I realise she isnt going to want to talk to me.

Music ends and my final class starts. Once again sitting there thinking about how im going to make it up to Cleo when I get to her place. Time goes a little quicker this lesson, cause I was so eager to get out. The bell rings and I dont think I have gotten up and left any quicker in my life. I run out the school gates and down the street of Cleos house, by the time I reach her doorstep im breathless from the speed I ran. I catch my breath, look down then look back up at the door itself. I knock 3 times hoping for an answer. No answer. I knock again praying for an answer. I hear footsteps coming towards the door and sigh in relief that Cleo was coming to open the door.

I stand back a bit giving her space. When the door opens my face drops...its not Cleo. 

"hi Niall, can I help you?" says Cleos mum

"um hi, I was wondering if Cleo was home?" i asked hesitantly, in case she told her mum what I did.

"ah no, she hasnt come home yet. Which is suprising actually" she said thinking

"ill go and look for her if you like?" i suggest

"its ok, shes probably just at a friends house" she says smiling

I think to myself, Cleo doesnt have many friends? Nor does she visit them. I begin to get worried

"ok, could you do me a favor?" i ask

"of course" she replies

"can you ring me when shes home please?" i say looking down

"why dont I just get her to ring you?" she asks 

"um no, i want to suprise her today if thats ok" i say 

"oh ok, sure. just put you number on this" she holds out a notepad

I scribble my name and number down and hand it back to her

"thankyou" i say as I step away from the door

"no problem, talk to you later" she says nicely as I walk away

I walk down the road and to the park, I go here to think sometimes. I sat under a tree and look out into my own world. Before I knew it, hours had passed. It was now 6pm, I had to get home for dinner. 

I sat eating dinner with my family, when I get a phone call. 

"hello?" i say not knowing the number

"um hi niall?" it was cleos mum

"yea its me, is cleo home" i ask

"thats just the thing, shes not. I was wondering if she was with you. Im getting kinda worried" she said

"shes not home?!" i almost yell, getting worried myself. 

"no, its ok, im sure shes fine, shes a responsible girl" she saids not very assuring

"im going to go out and look for her a bit ok?" i say

"no darling its fine, dont put yourself out in the cold" she says sadly

"I want to, I want to know shes ok. Ill keep in touch ok?" i say

"ok thankyou" she says and hangs up. 

I grab my keys and jacket and run out the front door leaving my family stunned. I run to my car, slip on my jacket and get in. I start the car and reverse quicker than normal. Where is she?! why didnt she go home! is all im thinking right now. I drive round for an hour or so, checking all the streets, parks, and even starbucks shops. Still no sign of her...

I park the car on the last street I could think of checking. I know she sometimes goes this way to go home. I begin walking down the street. Every step I take sounds like im a giant. I look down every alley way and into every shop. NOTHING. Where is she...

I begin to walk back to my car in defeat. I know shes angry at me but doesnt mean she shouldnt have gone home... I walk past the last alley away before my car when I realise its a lot messier than the others. I look down, trying to focus my eyes on the darkness. I push it off as nothing and begin to take another step and walk away when i notice a white card on the ground just inside the alley way. 

I take a step in and pick it up, studying it. Its a slip from school, A sick slip. I turn it over and theres Cleos name on the slip. She wouldnt have just dropped it, she needs it to show people who ask why she isnt at school. I take a few more steps into the alley way and I freeze up at the sight before me. 


ok guys, im really busy with assignments for the next fortnight. Im actually really busy with them now but some people have been bugging me to update a lot. So I did. I wont be able to update In love with my teacher but give me time. Ill update when I can. I check every comment I get for feedback so leave a comment about the fanfic, I love reading about it, what you guys think and your suggestions. But yea im really busy for the next fortnight with essays and assignments for university. My degree doesnt allow me alot of time, but im trying to update when I can. As I said, I check this daily, comments, likes and views. I just dont have the time to update all the time. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the chapter, let me know what you think and what you think will happen. 







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