My Bad Boy (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Cleo your normal teenage girl, the thing is, she isnt exactly...popular. She is bullied at school everyday. This causes her to be insecure and doubtful of herself. That was until the schools bad boy Niall Horan, finally notices for more than just a bully target.


10. Hangovers...

~**~ Cleos POV ~**~

I had drifted off into a relaxed world. I soon drifted back into reality when Niall began to pull away and look down at me. I pulled away and stepped back and cleared my throat.

"umm u got your hug, so im umm... gunna go now" I said as I held my hand out for him to give me my phone.

"don't act like you didn't like that" he said with a smirk and a wink as he handed me my phone

"whateva" I said as I walked towards the front door.

"see you at school on Monday babe" he yells to me

"stop calling me babe!" I yell back

"u like it" he yelled back

I walked down the path towards my house thinking about what I could remember from last night, and what happened this morning. Why did I enjoy that hug so much? I hate him! It was as if his warm and his heartbeat took over my hatred and melted me, I was jelly in his arms and I didn't wanna let go.

I got to my house and walked inside, then it hit me, shit... mum thought I was coming home last night...

I opened the front door quietly hoping to sneak in without them noticing. But I failed, I walk in and straight away see mum sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"ah hey mum" I said hesitently

"hey honey! how was your night?" she said cheerfully

"um it was alright? ur not mad?" I said a lil shocked

"why would I be mad? Im glad u went out and finally had fun with people" she said smiling

"ur not mad I didn't come home?" I said questionly

"no? I know your a responsible girl" she said smiling

"oh k, well im just gunna go upstairs" I say smiling

I walked up the stairs and went into my room and plugged my phone in on charge since it had run out of battery last night. As soon as my phone got enough charge, I got a message.


heyy babe ;) I hope to see the fun side of you again soon ;) ps: don't act like u didn't enjoy the hug xx



I open the message then lock my phone again and sigh before collapsing on my bed. My head was hurting so bad and I felt really sick. My first hangover, great....

I soon heard a knock at the front door then my mum call up stairs to say that she would get it. Next thing I heard...

"oh your one of Cleos friends? sure shes just upstairs! ill show u to her room" she said, happily.

Friends? my friends done come over, not that I have many of them. Next thing I hear mum knock on my door and open it slightly, I was confused as to who she was bringing upstairs.

"honey, one of your friends is here to see you" she said smiling and move to the side to let the person through.

"Heyy Cleo" he said leaning against the door frame, smirking, but not enough for my mum to see.

Niall, of all people! Niall?! Friend?! bit off there mum!

"hi" I said quietly

"well ill leave you too alone then, would you like the door open or closed?" she asked smiling that I had a boy over.

"open" I said at the same time as Niall said "closed"

"Nialls the guest" mum said as she left, shutting the door.

We were alone...

Niall had the biggest smirk on his face and was so proud of himself, cause he knew I couldn't kick him out without getting into trouble off my mother for being rude.

"so babe, whatcha wanna do?" he said smirking

"nothing, feel free to leave whenever you like" I said arrogantly

"oh please, you don't want me to leave, u enjoyed that hug too much" he said with a wink

"what-" I started to say a comeback when I suddenly felt like I was gunna be sick.

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door and to my luck was sick. I heard the door open behind me, damn....forgot to lock it... Before I could think about the not locked door and the fact that Niall was right behind me, I was sick again, leaning over the bathroom sink...

I felt a pair of hands rub down my neck and grab my hair pulling it back from my face. Before I could protest I was once again sick. I felt Niall rub my back softly trying to make me feel better. In a way I was happy for him to be there, to hold me hair that it. He was making my feel a bit better.

"u ok babe?" he asked

I shook my head.

"welcome to the world of hangovers" he said chuckling to himself.

I stood up and pushed him away while I whipped my face on a towel then rinsing my mouth with water. I then left the bathroom and went back into my room and collapsed on my bed. Completely forgetting that Niall was there.

"I feel like crap!" I yelled and shoved my head into the pillow

Niall walked over to my bed and I moved away to the other side, trying to lay as far away from him as I could.

"babe, stop trying to move away, I know you want me" he said smirking

"go away!" I yelled

Niall moved closer again and laid right next to me. I was laying on my stomach, with my face in the pillow. So I didn't realize til he touched me that his hand was on my back. I pulled away and looked at him.

"babe, trust me, it makes it better" he said and continued to rub my back

It surprisingly did make me feel better, the nausea was going slowly but would come back every now and again

"I wont try and drive you insane today, I think this hangover is going to do the job for me" he said smirking

I just groaned into the pillow.

With Niall slowly rubbing my back and me laying on my bed, I slowly drifted off to sleep.








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