My Bad Boy (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Cleo your normal teenage girl, the thing is, she isnt exactly...popular. She is bullied at school everyday. This causes her to be insecure and doubtful of herself. That was until the schools bad boy Niall Horan, finally notices for more than just a bully target.


2. Bad Boy Attraction

~**~ Cleos POV ~**~

This class has been torture, as usual. Everyone treats me like crap...they don't even know me, they don't even know who I am as a person, they just target me cause im the quiet girl, I keep to myself. They don't know that I have a talent for drawing, or the fact that my parents are kinda strict and protective. That's the reason im such a good girl, or "goodie two shoes" in their mind.

I feel a tap on my shoulder, the person behind me which I don't make eye contact with hands me a note. I turn back around and open it, knowing its probally a hate letter again...

hey whore ;)

I turn round and see Niall and his 4 mates laughing and high fiving. I never would have guessed...

I turn back round and Mrs Drews gives me a reassuring smile. Once class is over I get up go to leave the room, when I feel someone barge me, I didn't fall to the ground this time, but it hurt. I start to tear up as I exit the room. Im sick of this, I want to move, I want to start again, in another town.

By lunch I was feeling terrible as usual. I sit on my own under the tree near the field and listen to my ipod, drawing and occasionally watching the boys playing football. I see Niall and his mates walking over to the out of bounds area.

"what are they up to" I say to myself

I keep watching, as the boys get closer to the fence line. Louis jumps over the fence followed by the other boys and they make their way away from the school. Yep, once again, they are truanting...

I have to admit, Nialls bad boy side is attractive to me. Being the good girl that I am, being bad intruiges me. Everyone knows that good people like myself feel the need to be rebellious. I deicde, hey lets give this bad person thing a try. I get up and walk over to the fence and go to jump it, but I stop. I cant, its against school rules.

"Cleo!! here!! now!!" I hear a male teacher yell

"oh no.." it turn round and see the male gym teacher staring at me.

I walk over and hes fuming

"you were going to truant weren't u?!" he said, I see the spit flying out of his mouth...ew

"no! I wasn't!" I say in defence

"detention, this afternoon. I thought you were  better Cleo" he said as he handed me a detention slip

I have never gotten one of these before...I feel sick to my stomach

I hear the bell ring, and I run over to get my bag and head to my last class. I look over and see the same teacher catching Niall coming back from truanting and handing him a detention slip...great

After last period I slowly walk to the detention room, im scared out of my mind...

I walk in and sit down and Mr Joan walks in and sits down and takes all the detention slips. I look up and see Niall walk in.

"late as always niall" Mr joan says

"always" he says as he sits down

great...detention with HIM..








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