My Bad Boy (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Cleo your normal teenage girl, the thing is, she isnt exactly...popular. She is bullied at school everyday. This causes her to be insecure and doubtful of herself. That was until the schools bad boy Niall Horan, finally notices for more than just a bully target.


13. Anytime Beautiful

~**~ Cleos POV ~**~

I feel the sun shinning in through the window onto my body. Im still in my clothes from yesterday since Niall left and I just couldn't be bothered to deal with him last night, I just went to bed. My eyes flicker open, im still half asleep, even though I had the best sleep last night. I cuddle up tighter into my doona not wanting to get up from my long rest. My phone was still in my bed somewhere, so I feel round until I put my hand on the metal object. I press a button and the screen lights up *1 NEW MESSAGE* I knew exactly who it would be, but I didn't want to come to terms with it. I hesitiate to open it but I bring myself to press on the message.


Morning babe, Ill be over tonight ;) x



that's really not necessary...



Shes finally awake, and its quite necessary ;) by the way, hope you like horror movies;) x



I hate horrors...looks like you wont be coming over..



oh I would still be coming ;) as I said before, no one ever said that we would be actually watching the movies ;) plus, you have me to cuddle up to if you get scared ;) x



don't count on it...



Come on Cleo, don't fight it ;) we both know how you acted towards me last night ;) x






See you tonight babe ;) x



I dreaded tonight, I cant control anything to do with this...Hes in control, and when I try to be in control, he just dominates me. He knows how I work, He knows what makes me weak, He knows what will make me give in and make me do what he wants...

I get out of the bed and get ready for the day. I slept in pre late, its actually already lunch time. I finish the last touches to my eyeliner and decide that Im ready for the day. Its 1pm once im finished getting ready and I know that tonight is getting closer and closer. I cant kick him out, mum will get up me for being 'rude'. So I will just have to deal with him tonight, I can do that, Im strong. Aslong as he doesn't start doing things to make me do what he wants I will be fine. God I hate It when he does that.

I spend the day drawing, I forgot to mention that I have a talent for drawing. I love how you can express how you feel through the lead in a pencil. With every stroke, and shade, my drawing is slowly coming to life. Drawing calms me, I put in my head phones and just sit there in my own world. Theres a knock at my door which I don't hear. I see someone walking towards me so I look up to see my mum there smiling at me.

"hi darling, that looks wonderful" mums says

"thanx" I reply

"now I was talking to you boyfriend yesterday before he left, I invited him over a little earlier tonight for dinner" she said happy with her self

"you did what?!" I say shocked

"I thought you would have liked that honey" she said sweetly

"hes not my boyfriend mum" I say in a dull tone

"oh really? you guys seem to get along so well" she said questioning

"yea...we are heaps tight.." I say sarcastically, which mum obviously didn't pick up

"I thought so honey, I asked him to come over at 5 so you have 2 hours before hes here" she said begining to walk away.

"...k" I say quietly

My mum leaves quietly and I take my headphones out and pack up my drawing, which I had now finished. I decided to clean up my room a tad, to get my mind off of tonight. I walk round picking up items and putting them where they belong, I tidy up my doona and my room looked spotless. I check my phone and its 4:24pm...half an hour...

I don't plan on dressing up to impress him, im in dark denim shorts and just a normal shirt with my sleeves rolled up since it was a tad big on my small frame. My hair is down and flowing with slight waves and with just my natural makeup. I was standing in my room looking on my facebook on my phone when I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I was dreading who I was about it see, mum? dad? Niall?

My door slowly opens to reveal my mum, thankgod.

"honey Niall is downstairs, hes really nice you know, you pick your friends well" she said smiling and walking back downstairs

"great.." I say to myself

I decide to just stay in my room, that way I don't have to deal with him...yet. Mum never actually said I had to go down, she just said that he was there. I sat down on my bed and looked through my drawings when I hear my door open and a male frame enter my room.

"what you not gunna come and see me?" he said smirking.

He was holding a few movies which he sat down on my desk before coming over to me. I ignored his previous statement

"not gunna talk to me either huh?" he said chuckling

I threw my book of drawings on my bed and got up off my bed and walked over to my window, looking out. I feel someone really close behind me...Niall

"come on babe, talk to me. I wont bite...much" he whispered in my ear,

I remain silent. I suddenly feel his hands grasping my waist. he slowly moved his hands up and down my waist, I guess that was his attempt to calm me and relax me.

"listen babe, either you talk to me and act normal tonight atleast infront of your parents or you know that I know how to make you" he whispered in my ear

My breathing changed, why did that make me want him. I don't want him, I want him to leave, he has done this too me for too long now. I hear Niall chuckle.

"just my voice is making you weak" he says smirking

I feel his lips attach themselves to my neck and my breathing changed again and he knew it. He did what he knew best knowing exactly how to drive me crazy. Eventually I cracked, pulled away and turned around.

"fine ill be nice to you, ONLY infront of my parents ok!" I say loud but not loud enough for my parents to hear.

"that's my girl" he said leaning in, but I pull away before his lips touch mine.

"dinners ready..." I say unhappy.

Niall and I walk downstairs and take our seats at the table. Niall and I are sat next to eachother unfortunetly...Mum and dad make small talk with Niall in which Niall responds happily. I just sit there looking down and playing with my food, and Niall notices. He puts his hand on my knee and rubs it gently once again trying to relax me and attempt to keep me happy atleast til we got back upstairs.

"are u ok honey? you quiet tonight" dad asks.

I feel a sqeeze on my knee and I look at Niall who was giving me a look.

"yea im fine, just tired" I say

Niall rubbed my knee again in approval.

After dinner was finished Niall thanked mum parents for the lovely meal and suggested that him and I get into the movies which he brought over. Mum and dad both agreed that we should. Niall put his hand out to me for me to join him. I just look at him not taking his hand. Mum and dad cant see Nialls face, hes giving me a face telling me to take his hand or I will regret it later. I give in and take Nialls hand and we head upstairs to my room. We got to the top of the stairs and Niall whispers to me

"your learning" he says

"arghh" I groan and let go of his hand walking into my room.

I stood in the corner of my room checking my phone while Niall was putting in a movie. He got up and turned off the light and layed on my bed leaning on the headboard. He patted the space beside him on the bed for me to join him but I wasn't planning on it. I sit on the bean bag which was on my floor instead and I niall scuff behind me

"if you want to darling, its a horror though" he said

I sat there thinking...shit...I don't handle horrors well. I have to try my best to hold my ground. The movie started and I wasn't doing well with it, I was shit scared already. I could feel Niall smirking from behind me, he knew it wouldn't be long before I gave in. He waiting for the perfect time to ask me if I wanted to join him, he waited and waited until he could see I couldn't take it anymore

"you sure you don't wanna join me babe?" he asked smirking

I wanted to say no, but I was shit scared. I got up quickly and quickly moved over to the bed with Niall. I sat next to him but not close to him. I continued to watch the movie, when something jumped up on the screen I jumped and covered my face. Niall noticed and thought it was his perfect time to strike.

"come here babe" he said

"no im fine" I said, trying to be tough

Another thing jumped up on the screen and that was it. I couldn't handle it anymore. I quickly cuddled closer to Niall which he was quite proud about. I felt Nialls arm wrap round me, as much as I don't want to admit it, I felt safe in Nialls arms.

I made it through the horror movie, and Niall decided that it was time for the second movie, we decided to watch 'remember me', One of my favourites. I was still shook up from the horror movie so when Niall returned to the bed I cuddled up to him again.

"see is it that bad being close to me" he said smiling down at me, I didn't return the look.

"I guess" I replied

The movie started and we both layed there watching it. By the end of the movie I had fallen asleep.


~**~ Nialls POV ~**~

The movie finished and I looked down at Cleo who had fallen asleep on my arm. I decided that I should head home and leave her to sleep. I try to move my arm out from under her small frame but I couldn't without waking her. I decided to wake her up slightly, enough to get my arm out from under her.

"Babe" I said rubbing her back

I feel her move slightly

"babe, im gunna go ok" I said quietly.

I remove my arm and get up from the bed. I make my way to the door when I hear a small voice from behind me.

"Niall" I hear

"whats up babe?" I reply

"stay with me tonight? im still scared" she says quietly, still half asleep.

I didn't think twice.

"of course babe" I reply walking back over to the bed where the small framed girl still laid.

I removed my shirt and got into bed with Cleo and she cuddled up close to me again. I wrapped my arm round her again pulling her even closer to me.

"thankyou" Cleo said quietly

"anytime beautiful" I whisper in her ear.

I kiss her on the forehead and for once she didn't snap or pull away she just layed her head on my chest and cuddled me. I looked down at her watching her chest rising and falling as she tried to get back to sleep. I ran my fingers through her soft hair and just layed there watching her sleep. She looked so beautiful when she slept. I enjoyed this moment so much, I didn't want it to end honestly. Whats the odds that I would fall for the girl I bullied all these years.







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