You Saved Me That Night.

Elizabeth lived on the streets since she was 13, when her parents passed away.
And she ran away from family service's, she ends up meeting with a Tall blonde Irish boy. Who has changed her life upside down.


5. Late Night Conversation's

Niall's P.O.V

As we were laying in the trunk with blankets over us, we start to talk about me and the guys career's.

"Michael Jackson and You Guys would be awesome.  Hahaha! You guys can sing Thriller together" She says happily. 

"He passed away in 2009 Eliz.." I whisper.. Her smile dropped. In middle school, Michael Jackson was her hero.

"What?.. When? How? Why?." She says, a tear falling down her cheek.

I cuddle up next to her.

"He singing in paradise now. It's okay love." I say, pushing her hair out of her face.

She hold's me, and looks up at me & kisses me. I felt the butterflies again go up my belly, and all around my body. 

"What was that for?" I say, with a smile.

"Cheering me up." She says.

This girl wasn't perfect, not close to it. But she was one of a kind, she was amazing. 


Elizabeth's P.O.V

I liked Niall since Grade 5, seeing him again meant the world. Knowing I remember who he was, and his perfect. I guess since I've been on the street's for so many year's, I'm not really shy.. I can kiss him, I could hold his hand. I wouldn't give a rat's ass.


"Thank you Ni" I whisper , then put my head on his shoulder.

"For what?" he replies to me.

"Taking me in your house, making sure I ate, took showers. I love you." I reply. Not knowing what I just said.. I panic and say "OH MY GOD SHIT SHIT".

My shyness was coming back.


"Niall's P.O.V"

Did she just tell me I love you? Did she mean it?.

She's worrying.

"It's okay if you really don't, it felt good to hear it though love." I whisper.

"No I do.. Since Grade 5, I've liked you." She says fastly.

My life was just flipped upside down, she mean't it. 

We ended up talking about so many things.

"Know what  I wanna do this summer?" She says with a smile.

"What beautiful?" I say.

"I wanna have lot's of clothes,  I wanna sing, I want to be happy, I wanna go camping. I want to see my Aunt's and Uncle's.  I believe I can do it all, with you always being there." She says with a big smile on her face.

"Well we will do it babe. I promise." I say, pulling my pinky out.

I loved her since I felt love for the first time, with her. Since grade 7 . The loser who always needed help with her homework. <3


Elizabeth's P.O.V

He made my life happier, It's only been 2 day's since we've seen eachother but it's like heaven brought him to rescue me.

I loved him since I knew what love felt like, that was in Grade 7. The nerd; who always helped me with homework. <3


Nobodys P.O.V

They stayed in each other's arm's in the back of that truck. Talking about her dreams, and his dream's that he accomplished. 

They tried to get it in their head, this is reality and so it was.

They were two 19 year old's having fun, and feeling like their self's again.

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