You Saved Me That Night.

Elizabeth lived on the streets since she was 13, when her parents passed away.
And she ran away from family service's, she ends up meeting with a Tall blonde Irish boy. Who has changed her life upside down.


4. Fall Hard Like Grade 8.

Eliz's P.O.V

I was bored, laying on the couch watching Toy story 1,2 & 3 with Liam. 

Then Niall came in and sat down beside me.

"Do you wanna do something? Anything." Niall whispers in my ear.

"Oh my god, yes!" I say cheerfully. I get up and put on Harry's Jack Willis hoodie.

We get out the door, and walk to his Red Truck.

"Where are we going Ni?" I say confusedly..

"Close your eye's and you'll find out" He says with a smile.

I close my eye's and I fall asleep,

After a while, I get woken up by Niall. I open my eye's and close them fastly.

"I can open my eye's now?" I say.

"Wait, I'll tell you when." He says. 

The door slams, and my door opens, he takes me outside of the truck.

"Open!" He says.   I look and it was beautiful, it was the biggest view of the City of London. He tell's me to go in the back to get something in the trunk. So I do, when I looked there were blankets and pillows. 

"Ouh yeah, thought we can spend the night up here" He says with a smile. This guy was making me fall hard all over like Grade 8. 

I go in the trunk, and lay down. It was quite comfortable. 

"NI !! COME." I yell, acting like I was scared.

He run's over to the trunk, and I put my hands out, and put a smirk on my face.

This boy was gullible, he's always been.. I missed that about him.

He come's in the trunk, and lay's beside me.

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