It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


39. Not Afraid Anymore


I woke up and rolled over in my bed to see Niall's face. He had called his mom to tell her we'd be back tomorrow. She was surprisingly cool with his freedom. I didn't notice Niall staring at me. "Well hello." He wiped his eyes. I sat up and redid my ponytail. "What should we do today?" Niall asked. "We should hang out all day and watch movies at your house." I said. "Why? We could be doing so many things." Niall said. "I'm not feeling up to it today, babe.." I said. "Please?" Niall dragged on and on. "No." I mumbled. "Why not?" Niall got a little louder. I stood up and walked out of the room. He fell on the bed and laid on his back.


I didn't understand why Mary was being so stubborn. I just wanted to have fun. I walked out of the room, and found Mary on the couch. She was so adorable. "I'm sorry." I stood behind her. "Yeah." She just mumbled. I had really made her mad. It wasn't a big deal though. "Talk to me, please." I said. She turned around and looked at me.

"Why?" She still stared at the t.v.

"Because I need to apoligize." I poked her shoulder.

"You already did." She said.

"But I need you to accept it. Tell me why we can't go out." I wasn't giving up.

"You don't want to know." She mumbled.

It hit me then. She was on her period, and she didn't feel good. I felt so bad.

"We can stay here and watch movies." I sat down next to her. "Why did you decide to watch movies?" She asked.

"Because." I said.

"Because why?" She asked.

"Cause I know." I mumbled. "Know..what?" She said through gritted teeth.

"That you're on your period, and that I'm a bad boyfriend." It was kind of awkward.

She smiled slightly. Her face turned red. She moved closer, and kissed my cheek. "You're the best boyfriend ever." She whispered. I called my mom, and told her we'd be over later.


I smelled bacon. "Liam?" I hollered. "Yup?" He called from the kitchen. "Bacon." I yelled. He came into my room. "I ate it all. Sorry." He jumped on me. He kissed my cheek. "Stop. You ate all of my bacon. You're a manwhore. A baconslut." I mumbled. He laughed. "You still love me right?" He asked. This question killed me. "I-I....." I tried to speak. "I'm sorry." Liam fell to the other side of me. "I_I....." I still only said this. "I didn't mean to freak you out." Liam put his hand on his forehead. "I do." I finally said it.

Liam sat up. "You're not scared anymore?" He looked excited.

"N-No. I do love you." I smiled. "I freaking love you too." Liam hopped off the bed, and had  a spasm on the floor. "YAYYYYY!!" He screamed. This made Eleanor, and the rest of the boys, come to my room.

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