It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


29. Meeting Eleanor


"Are we really staying here for the night?" I asked him. "Why not?" Liam smiled that amazing smile. "I have no clothes." I said. "Eleanor does. She'll be here soon." Liam said. We just stood in the middle of the room staring at each other. Usually things like that are awkward, but it was kind of nice just staring at Liam. "I have a movie." Liam said. "What movie?" I asked him. "Grease." Liam laughed. "I love that movie so much. It was my dad's favorite to watch with me. He knew every song." I informed Liam on my childhood. "Oh cool. It's just a great movie." Liam said, as he walked over to a closet. He pulled out his laptop and the movie. He showed me the corner where we would watch it. It was a really big beanbag, and a blanket. "Sit there." Liam pointed at the little space just for us. I walked over to the huge beanbag chair. It was purple. I sat down on it, trying to get comfortable. It didn't work. I was really uncomfortable. Liam walked over to me, laptop in hand. He handed me the laptop. I sat it in my lap. He sat down next to me. I surprisingly got really comfy when he sat next to me. "Comfortable?" He asked. "Now I am." I mumbled. He stared at me for a couple of seconds then took his laptop out of my lap. The movie was already in. He started it up, and we awkwardly sat there, on a beanbag chair. Together....The movie started off. We were already at the part where they sang "Summer Loving" when I noticed Liam was staring at my hands. I watched his eyes. They didn't move. I think he knew I was watching him. He was still looking at them. He cleared his throat, and put his attention back to the screen. I started to stare at his hands. They were really big, and I kind of wanted to hold it. he didn't notice me staring, like I did when he was. I moved my hand closer to his. He was paying close attention to the movie. He didn't notice me moving my hand. I stoped for a second, then he saw me hesitate to just grab his hand. He laughed at me. I looked at the movie screen. He reached over and grabbed my hand instead. He entwined our fingers. My stomach felt like it was going to fall out my butt. I continued to stare at the screen, but Liam was looking at our hands. He then looked upa t me. "Is this okay with you?" He asked. "Of course it is." I tried not to sound excited, even though I was about to pass out. Liam noticed I was nervous. He just smiled. Liam's phone buzzed. "Wanna meet Eleanor?" Liam asked. I nodded, and he stood up. He turned off the movie and put his laptop back in the closet. He helped me off the beanbag. He had my hand and while I was standing up he moved his thumb slowly over my knuckles. I blushed really bad. He flipped on the switch. I figured he'd turn it back on when we came back. When we got to the main room, a girl with beautiful long curly hair, and adorable clothes stood next to Lou holding his hand. "Hey. I finally get to meet you." She said. "Hi. I'm Ashley." I said. "Eleanor. How about me and you spend some time together so Liam has time with the boys?" Eleanor asked. "Sure, if Liam doesn't mind." I said, looking at Liam. "Have fun, guys." Liam said, then walked with all the boys to their "mancave". Eleanor smiled at me, then we went to the room Liam and I were in. "Wow. He did this for you?" Eleanor asked. "Yep." I shrugged my shoulders. "He must really like you. I understand why. You're so pretty." She said. "Oh thankyou. You too." I smiled. "We won't spend too much time together. Louis said he wants you and Liam to hang out more than just us." Eleanor said, setting her bag on the floor. "So, do yuo like Liam like that?" Eleanor asked. "Of course. He's just so perfect." I said. "Danielle really misses him." Eleanor said. "I didn't know she felt so bad. I probably shouldn't get invloved with him." I said. "No. You should. Danielle has already found a new guy, even though she really misses him. They've both moved on." Eleanor said. I was relieved. We spent about 30 minutes just getting to know each other, then Louis told Eleanor to leave me. She said "bye" then left me alone. Liam walked back in the room. "Wanna keep watching the movie?" Liam asked. "Nope. I wanna get to know you better." I told him. He looked surprised. "Cool." Liam looked happy with my decision. I was sitting on the floor. He sat down next to me. "What do you wanna know?" Liam asked.

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