It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


24. Harry Potter


I woke up the next morning. My neck was hurting because I slept on it funny. "Ashley. Ashley Ashley. Ashley. Ashley. Ash-." She was already awake. "I'm awake, you freak." Ashley squeeled. "Guess what's happening tonight?" I smiled at her. "Ummmm. What?" She asked. "Your.......DATE." I screamed. "What date?....OHHHHHHHHHHHH. Liam." Ashley said. Sometimes she is really blonde. "Really. Dummy." I laughed. "It's morning time. Don't expect me to remember last night." Ashley sassed me. Her and Louis would be a cute couple. "I'd hate to see you drunk." I said, as I stood up. I brushed my hair, and redid the bun, then went to the kitchen to get Fruity Pebbles. Niall was on the couch. "She's really a blonde." Niall said, not looking back. "Nice to know you eavesdrop on my conversations." I said, grabbing the milk. "Sorry. It's hard to resist." Niall looked at me and smiled. "You just missed me." I said. I fixed my breakfast, and sat next to him on the couch. "Whatcha watchin'?" I asked. "Nothing yet." Niall picked up the remote. He turned on Nickelodeon. We were watching Victorious. It was just about to be 9:30. "They cancelled rehearsal today." Niall said. "That means we get to goooo.....SHOPPING." I laughed. "No." Niall said. "Fine then." I smiled. "I have other plans today. Just for you and me." Niall got up and put his dirty bowl in the dishwasher. "What are we doing?" I asked. "Stuff." Niall said, and walked to his bedroom to get ready. I finished breakfast and went back to my room. Ashley was still laying in bed watching tv. "You're still laying there." I said. She nodded, and slowly got up. "What are you doing today?" Ashley asked. "Something with Niall. I don't know what he has planned, but he said it's just me and him." I said. "I can hang with Liam and the boys." Ashley said, and got Liam on the phone. "Have fun." I smiled and went to get in the shower. I got ready. I looked good. Ashley was getting ready to get picked up by the boys. "Lou's coming to get me." Ashley said while applying eyeliner. "Why not Liam?" I asked. "He's busy, I guess." Ashley continued. "He's shy. You can tell by the way he blushes." I told her. "And by what Niall tells you." Ashley stared at me. "He doesn't really talk about the boys." I said. "Oh well. I'm gonna get food. So bye." Ashley walked to the kitchen. "She's wierd." Niall poked his head in the door. "So am I." I said, putting my clean jeans in the drawer. "I know. She's hilarious, though. Seems like Lou, but yano. A girl. She's cool." Niall said. "I noticed something. Louis is perfect for her." I told him. "But Liam...really likes her. He kept me up last night telling me how much he just wanted to hold her hand. Five paragraphs. It sounds like me talking to my mom about you." Niall sat on my bed. "That's so sweet of Liam, and you cried over me. I think I know your a sweetheart. Talking to your mom and all that jazz." I said. Niall smirked at me. "You need to clean your room." Niall said. "I was going to, but then I saw food, and decided it could wait." I smiled. "MISTA POTTA." I heard Ashley in the kitchen. "SHUTUP MISTA POTTA. She likes Harry Potter." I laughed. "I couldn't tell." Niall said sarcastically. "LOUIS IS HERE." Ashley yelled. "OK. HAVE FUN." I screamed back. Niall laughed at us, and walked in the livingroom. I was almost ready to go.

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