It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


34. Forgiven


I can't believe that just happened. Harry was furious, and they all blamed it on me. Eleanor, Ashley, and myself were outside. We had just caused a huge scene in Waffle House. I was embarrassed, guilty, upset, and angry. "You know, they had no reason to blame you? It's not your fault. It's Niall's." Eleanor touched my shoulder. "No. It's nobody's fault. He just forgot to tell them, and it's only two weeks. Two stupid weeks. I mean, what do they expect? You haven't been home in, what, a million years." Ashley ranted on. "I'll just go by myself if the boys really are that upset. It's no big deal." I wiped tears from my face. The bell jingled on the door. Liam came to talk. "Mary, it's not your fault. The boys were overreacting." Liam quickly pulled me in for a hug. "Where's Niall?" I asked. "With Harry. He's really upset." Liam let go from the hug. He walked over to Ashley and slipped his hand into hers.


"Man. Come on. You're overreacting a bit. We made Mary cry." Louis said to Harry. "It's not all about her." Harry tried to hide his tears. I don't understand why he was so upset. It wasn't a big deal. "Harry." I knew there was something more to his sadness. He looked up at me. "I miss just the guys. Like on the X-Factor. We all got girlfriends except me, and I feel left out of everything. Those girls come before us. Like us as friends. I miss that. Just the boys." Harry admitted finally. I felt so bad. I hugged him. "Why didn't you just tell us?" I asked. "I'm a boy. I don't share feelings." Harry chuckled. He was back. "Let's go apoligize to Mary." Zayn said, as he helped me up. We all headed out of the bathroom. The door jingled. The girls looked surprised to see us all having a laugh. "What happened?" Mary aksed. "Nothin' much. Just some technical dificulties. Oh, and as soon as we see the boys in Ireland, we're gonna have an all guys' night. You can hang with your family." I explained. Mary loked happy, like she knew what had happened minutes ago in the bathroom. Thank goodness she understood. "Alright boys. I'll see ya at the airport." Niall waved to the boys, as he walked past me, and tugged my arm towards the direction of my car. I followed him. "Wait!" I heard Ashley yell. "I-I want to go to Ireland with you." Ashley stumbled over her words. "Liam could always bring oyu in two weeks." I said. She smiled at the thought. "Okay. Do you think he will?" She asked. I vigorously shook my head. She ran over to him. We watched theire interacton, then saw her hug him tightly smiling. He must have said he would take her. She waved to us, and we walked away. We were on our way home, when I thought of the fact that I would be seeing my family in a matter of hours. I smiled. "What are you smiling at?" Niall asked, concentrating on the road. "Just thinking of my family." I smiled even more. Niall laughed and focused on driving. We were home soon, and since I was already packed, I just lounged around the house. Niall was taking forever.

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