It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


5. Dallas Is Mental

Today was the day I had to pick up Dallas from the airport. Yay. I had to get up super early. I missed her so much, but I DID NOT want to go to the concert. I was going to be dreadful. But atleast we would be far away from them. Yes! I woke up and I looked a mess. My hair was in a messy bun, I had Hollister sweatpants on, and a plain tanktop. I slowly moved to the bathroom to take a hot shower. After my shower, I dragged myself to the closet. I picked out a white blousy shirt, denim shorts that were very, very short, I picked white sandals, curled my hair, did my makeup perfectly, and I was finally ready. It was eight when I left the house and got to the airport 10 minutes later. I waited for Dallas. I was getting irritated because it was 9:00 when the airport employees announced Dallas's plane was landing. "Any day now." I mumbled to myself. "Bored?" I heard a deep, raspy, British accent say to me. 'Uh....yeah. Who are you?" I asked. He looked very familiar. "Are you sure you don't know who I am?" He smirked. He was very attractive. "You look familiar." I liked his eyes. " Harry Styles. Famous boy band. One Direction?" He chuckled. I froze. he ws close friends with Niall. "Umm....I-I have to go." I mumbled, then scurried away. "Plane 104 has landed. Please make your way over to the drop off section." The intercom boomed. I walked to the drop off section. I spotted Dallas after a couple of minutes. "Dallas!" I yelled. "Who's Dallas?" That same British voice. " sister." I didn't look at him. "You mean the girl covered in my face?" Harry raised his eyebrow. "That's her.Don't let her see you. She might faint." I chuckled. "I'm gonna talk to her." He smirked. "Dallas!" I called again. "Oh...hey! Hey Mary!" Dallas was dropping One Direction trinkets everywhere. Dallas made her way over to me. "Oh hey. Meet my new friend, Harry." I pointed at him. "Oh hey, Har..........AHHHHHHHHHH! YOU'RE HARRY FREAKING..." "Shhhhhhh!!! You're gonna get me trampled." He stopped her. "Sorry." Dallas was bright red. "Dallas, calm ." I smiled. "Well hug me, SISTA!" I love how she referred to our favorite show "Drake & Josh". I hugged her. "Ehem.. I need one too. From both of you." Harry was so adorable. We both hugged him. Dallas seemed lightheaded. I took her to a bench and sat her down. "I'm fine, really." Dallas smiled. "Are you comin' to the concert tonight, babes?" Harry asked. "That's the only reason I'm in Tenessee." Dallas laughed. "Hey well, see ay ton ight we gotta go." I smiled at Harry and left the airport with Dallas. She got in the car and bursted. "HOW ON EARTH DID YOU MANAGE TO GET HIM HERE?! i MEAN, THAT WAS WICKED. MENTAL. MAD!" Dallas squeeled. "He just came up to me and started talking to me." Her mouth was wide open. "You're so lucky." She said. "Not really. I don't like One Direction." Dallas frowned. "I know. Niall..." She didn't look at me. "Yeah." I started the car and we drove home. The concert was in an hour....



I know I said no more updates until after Christmas, but I got bored XD. Well, hope I get more views and likes and maybe favourites? Just so I know I'm not writing this for invisible people. kay well love ya guys! And please help to get my movella popular or at least noticed. xxxx







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