It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


28. Chandelier


We parked in front of a huge place. I didn't know what the building was, but it looked familiar. "We're here." Louis said. "It's a really pretty place. It's gorgeous." I said in awe. "Just like you." Harry mumbled. I could barely hear him say it. "Umm. Thanks." I said, still looking at the building. "Liam is waiting." Zayn said. "Grab her, Harry." Louis yelled. "What are you do- AHHHHH! STOP!" Harry picked me up. Zayn opened the car door, and Louis blindfolded me. Harry was carrying me bridal style. "GO TOMMO GO!" Harry yelled, as Louis tied the blindfold quickly. "Don't scream. Liam doesn't know you're coming." Louis whispered. "What has he been setting up?" I whispered. "He thought it was just for us boys to hang out. We like to hang out in this building. No one really comes here anymore, so we like it. "Liam is setting up for your special thing that he was gonna do when you guys started dating, if you did.. We know what it looks like, and it's so cool. He set up a place just for us, but he doesn't know you're here." Louis whispered. I was still in Harry's arms, and the boys were standing outside the door, whispering. "Ok. Here goes nothin'" Louis opened the door. "Hey boys! You like the man cave? I set it-." Liam stopped talking. "What's wrong, mate?" Louis asked. "Can I talk to you in private, please?" Liam gestured for Louis. Louis shrugged his shoulders, and walked with Liam to another room.


"What's she doing here?!" I whisper-shouted. "It was your surprise. I know how much you like her." Louis smiled. "You did this for me? I thought Harry was dating her. He was carrying her." I said. "It was a surprise to her too. Harry had to carry her, because she would've freaked out if not. It is all for you." Louis said. "I'm glad to call you my friend. Thanks mate." I hugged him. "No problem." Louis hugged me too. We walked back out the main room.


Liam and Louis walked back in the room. "Harry. You can put me down now." I whispered to Harry. He put me down, but left the blindfold on. "Surprise." Harry said to Liam. "We're gonna go to our mancave now. I like that word. Mancave." Louis said. The boys walked with him to another room."Hi. Keep the blinfold on. I didn't even know you were coming, so if it's bad, I'm really sorry." Liam laughed. "It'll be great." I reassured him. I couldn't see him yet. I felt him slip hsi hand into mine, then he guided me somewhere. We walked for a couple minutes. "Here we are." Liam said. He took off my blindfold. I looked in the doorway. There was a amazing chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was utterly beautiful, and I just wanted to live in there The room was all black for some reason. "I love it." I said. "Good. It's not done yet." Liam said, then he grabbed my hand again and took me to the middle of the room. "Stay here. Hold on one sec." Liam said, as he walked over to a switch on the wall. He pressed it, and the lights shut off. "Liam? What happened?" I worried. "I'm here. Just wait." Liam said from across the room. I heard shuffling, and I couldn't see anything. Suddenly, the chandelier turned on. It rotated slowly. I now understood why the room was painted all black, even the floors. It was like a disco ball. Liam walked over to me. "We're staying here for tonight. With the boys." Liam smiled.

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