It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


22. Blushing


Ashley is mental. I think she scared Niall. We all sat down on the couch. "I brought a movie." Ashley said. "What is it?" Niall asked. "Pitch Perfect." Ashley smiled then went to her car to go get the movie. "You like her?" I asked Niall. "She's cool. Very outgoing. Not shy. Like me. If she eats as much as me, we'll be best friends." Niall laughed. Ashley walked back in. She put the movie in, and plopped on the couch. "You stole this movie from me." I said. "Whoopsies." Ashley said. Niall laughed. I'm glad he liked her. "We're gonna go get some food. Be back in a second." I told Niall. Ashley and I went to the kitchen. "We need popcorn. We have no more. We'll go to the store." I told Ashley. I walked back in the livingroom, and told Niall, and Ashley and I headed out the door. We stopped at the Dollar Store. "Who was the boy with the shaved head? In the band?" Ashley asked. "Liam. Why?" I asked. "He's really cute." Ashley said. "He has a girlfriend." I felt like I shattered her heart. She looked at her phone. She was on Twitter. "No he doesn't." Ashley screamed. "What happened to Danielle?" I asked. "He just told her he needed a break." Ashley shrugged. "Well he's single then." I said then we grabbed the popcorn. "I gotta go to the bathroom." Ashley said. I nodded then looked around the shop. I heard whispers on the chip aisle on the opposite side of my aisle. I slowly wen to the other side. Liam and Zayn were there whispering about something. "Stalk me much?" I scared them. "Funny seeing you here..." Zayn mumbled. "Does she like me?" Liam questioned. "Who?" I asked. "Ashley. Duh." Zayn said, crossing his eyes. "I think so. Do you like her?" I raised my eyebrows at Liam. "Maybe..I could..have a somewhat liking to her...she's ok.. I mean..she's-." Zyn cut Liam off. He covered Liam's mouth. "He likes her." Zayn confirmed. "Well. I'll see if I can arrange something." I winked at Liam. AshleyVictoria Carson, and Liam James Payne. I liked it. Asley walked out of the bathroom. She was looking at her hands then she saw they boys' shoes. She slowly looked up. "Well hello." Ashley said. "Hi." Liam's face turned red. "Blushing." Zayn said in a pretend cough. "Oay. Well bye.See ya tomorrow." I said, grabbing Ashley's hand. We got in the car, and drove back home.

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