It Was Over To Me

Niall and Mary dated back in Ireland. They had a huge fight and Mary was heartbroken. She thought it was over between them and left Ireland and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. What happens when Niall's famous band, One Direction comes to Tennesee for their tour? Please read and find out :)


35. Back At the Airport


"Airport time." Niall walked out of his room. He had to pack everything, since he would be in Ireland  for his tour. I didn't have nearly as much as him. He had put everything in the cab, since we couldn't take my car. The driver took us to the airport, where I last saw Dallas. I was going to surprise evryone. I was excited. Niall and I walked in and sat on a bench. Nobody had asked him for a picture or anything yet. We waited for the boys, Eleanor, and Ashley. I saw Ashley's head moving through a big crowd. "Mary!" She yelled through the airport. "Ash! Over here!" I yelled, slightly blushing when I realized we were in public. She ran over to me, and hugged me tightly. "I don't wanna be away from you for two weeks." She laughed. "Me neither, but it's just two weeks." I chuckled, as she jumped. Liam surprised her by wraping his arms around her waist from behind. She calmed when she realized it was him. He put his chin on her head. I sat back down on the bench. Niall sat next to me. He wrapped his arm around me, and nudged me to lay in his lap, which I happily did. He still held me. Louis and Eleanor walked up, holding hands. The way Lou looked at her was precious. You could tell they were in love. Zayn was on the phone with Perrie. He couldn't see her, but he said he really wants to. Harry was alone watching all of us flirt. I felt really bad for him. He didn't want to upset fans, but he still needed to find love. I sat up from Niall's lap. "Ash. El. Meeting now." I stood up, and motioned them over to a water fountain. The boys had confused expressions on their faces. I whispered. "So, look at Harry." "He looks lonely." Ashley tilted her head to the side, and studied his face. "I agree." Eleanor added in. "He's the only one left single. We are showing off our relationships to him." I explained. "How can we help him?" Eleanor eyes began to fill with concern. "Ask him questions. Focus on Harry only. We can explain to our boys later." I said. "So, try to find out about his past?" Ashley asked. "Yes, but don't make it obvious. Also, try to ask the other boys about him His family might know something. While I'm gone, I'll try to visit his home, and talk to his family. If you get any info on his family, like phone numbers, or past loves, call me. This will be so fun. But we cannot tell the boys." I pointed at them. The girls nodded, and we put our hands in, and all shouted together. "Ready," I said. "BREAK." We yelled together. We all laughed as we walked towards the boys.

"What was that?" Louis asked.

"Oh nothing. Just girl stuff." Eleanor sat next to me.

Liam whispered in Ashley's ear. "Nothing." I read her lips as she whispered.

"What happened over there?" Niall asked. "Nothing you need to know." I patted his head.

He looked confused. I chuckled at his expression. Ashley came and sat next to me. "They suxpect nothing." She pretended to be crazy. I laughed at her. Elenaor started cracking up. This made Ashley and me laugh too. We were laughing uncontrollably, while the boys just stood there staring at us. Harry moved to look at us. "I think they're dying." Harry whispered to Niall. Niall just crossed his arms, and shook his head in agreement. Zayn just got off the phone. "W-Why are they laughing? It's scaring me." Zayn mumbled. We laughed even harder at his remark. We were getting stares from people. Oopsies.

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