My Wedding Day

I had put this on Facebook back in November 2012, but I had to take it down...
Every girl had a picture of what their Wedding would look like, but mine came out completely wrong...


6. October 20, 2012

This was going to be the day we renewed our vowes and have our reception. But it didn't work out the way I wanted it to and I was disappointed in my family!!!

The night before my mother was suppose to come to the YMCA in Gray Court to help set up. But instead she went and got her hair butchered.... My sister and all 4 of her girls was suppose to come to the YMCA to know what they are suppose to do. I guess you can say rehaurse. My sister told me that my Wedding wasn't important, but finding a house and a job was, but I was there for her wedding... My oldest niece bagged me months earlier to be in my Wedding so I gave all my nieces spots in the Wedding. But my niece decided it was more important to go to her Football Game. That made me made. This was going to be my last time getting married and I couldn't have it my way!!

My husband was working that night so his cousin Cindy who was at our Wedding and his parents came to help me set up. Actually they did it all for me. My father had to g pick up my 3 niece's as well as my sister. My sister was suppose to do my oldest niece's job, but that didn't work cause she was late getting to the place.

I had to start at 11 am cause Fred's side of the family are past 60 years old so they could only stay for 2 hours. So at 11 am we started... My mom had no clue where we were doing pictures because she wasn't there the night before and my brother who was doing the hotdogs and hamburgers was told to bring the food at 1 pm so the old folks was ready to leave and as soon as the food came it took 5 minutes for them to eat and we had to hurry with the cake so they could get a piece before they left...

We had the place until 6 pm so when it was time for presents only our kids, his cousin Cindy and our parents stayed. They were cleaning up, then once the presents was done everyone swepted us out side and we had to leave. It was 3 pm. Fred and I felt like it was more a Birthday party for us instead of a Wedding... We did get pictures, we did get the dancing but it just didn't feel right. My sister's wedding went on forever and mine was over within a few hours. Once we got to my mustang, it wasn't even decorated no JUST Married or Honk we just got married like my sister had. My brother asked a girl from hiswork to come and take photos so she helped us, but also got pictures for her college class on photography, but she never showed. I even tried to reschule but never did it.

Fred said in 10 years we can do it again, but I feel that I won't get what I want.....

Who showed up this time was my parents, his parents, his cousin Cindy and her 2 kids, my Uncle Bret, my sister and her 3 kids, Fred's 3 Aunts and 3 Uncles over 60, and our kids. His sister from NC was suppose to show in August and October but a Football game was more important. His biker buddies after hearing what happen to him in August was suppose to show, but they had better things to do; so if you only count our guests and not the Wedding Party or our parents we had 7 people show!!! My oldest niece decided not to show up at all!!

Fred and I paid for our Wedding and reception. The only thing my parents paid was part of the cake and the YMCA building...I feel if I didn't wait 13 years to marry him we would have had more people show and they would have stated longer, but I waited on him and I feel like I was cheated on a Wedding I wanted... I don't even feel like I am married.... People tell me that I will be happy for the rest of my life with him and the Wedding doesn't matter, but because my sister got married first, lived on my property first and had a child first I am always feeling sad. My sister says she's depressed and has to take pills for it. What about me, I have RA, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, diabetes, restless legs, sleep apnea and now scarring inside my body which causes all sorts of problems; and she has nothing wrong with her. I wanted I day to feel special that's all I asked If Fred wouldn't have hurt himself or I would have picked another day maybe things would have worked out...

Fred's sister Diane got married November 24, 2012 and everyone except us showed up. We couldn't afford to go to NH to see her get married, but she was there in August.

Recently we fund out she had brain Cancer and had it removed before it attached to her brain. Diane is at home recovering. Ifwe had the money our last wish would be to go to NH to be with Diane before she does pass on to the other side. Her blood and bone Cancer won't be going away and Fred's family always treated me like family!!!

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