My Wedding Day

I had put this on Facebook back in November 2012, but I had to take it down...
Every girl had a picture of what their Wedding would look like, but mine came out completely wrong...


4. My marriage to George

George was very muscular man when I met him in GattyTown a country bar. He was good lookin enough for any girl, but I was still in love with Fred.

We went out on a few dates and I got drunk and ended up pregnant by him. I had lost Fred's baby the year to the day I found out I was having a baby. It was a few weeks before my baby brother's Birthday when I found out. I was so happy to be finally having a child, but my mind would change once I got to know George.

Hurricane Katrina was heading to SC at least that is what George thought and we were in Georgia at the time. We had gotten married September 3rd, that was because I had gotten fired from my job for being sick all the time. The telamarketing job if a woman started working there she ended up pregnant then fired and I was no exception so to get my bills paid George said he would married me so my bills could get paid.

George and I was following my sister and her husband to South Carolina to be with my family. The whole time we were on the road George kept throughing a fit that we were heading towards the hurrican. At one point we got lost from my sister and I had to get him to stop at a gas station so I could call my mother. I was crying cause George was making me mad. In SC my parents live in Gray Court, Laurens County so we were to far from the coast to get the hurricane. My brother who is 5 years younger the me said not to worry its actually heading to IL. You can't cnvence George that so from then on we fought no matter what was going on. I was sic of being sick and told him that if I lost the baby I wouldbe happy just so I could get a way from him. He had this thing where he had to always prove a point like a game and I was sick of it.

I finally started talking to Fred and telling him what was going on and that's when we started talking about helping me leave George. George even put on the calendar the day he was going to kill himself and even wrote a letter to me of how he was going to do it to get me to stay with him. After my brother's death tha gave me the reason to leave.

The day of me leaving George said if the baby was a boy he would know by God I would be coming back ad if it was a girl a sign by God I wasn't coming back. He was into the Bible which also got to me cause he said I was ruining his life by leaving him cause the Bible says No Divorce and he's not allowed to get married again.

When Fred's Cousin and his wife came to get me I didn't know that Fred had come to but was hiding From George so I could hopfully get a clean divorce.

My daughter was born 2 days before my Birthday so the day she was born I had tried to call George to let him know I had a girl, but I was told by Red Cross that he went A Wall. 2 days later on my Birthday I got to go home and recieved a call frm George. Someone told him I had the bay that day. I told him what Red Cross said and he said he was in CA with his troops. I didn't know what to believe. 6 days later he came to meet our daughter Michaela Micheal Sue, but she didn't know him. I handed her over to him and he layed her on his chest, but le her dangle... I was mordafied... That night he was mad I wouldn't let him hold her more and mom said let him and see what happens. I just didn't want my daughter to get hurt, but he said he took care of his nephew all the time. So I handed her over and for 30 minutes she cried. My heart was breaking watching her cry and he had no clue how to get her quite. He kept telling me he didn't know how to quiet her down, his nephew is a year old and so forth. I finally took her and started singing to her. She quited down. That was the last time she saw him.... It took me 2 years to get child support cause he thought I would spend it on myself and took me 2 years to get divorced.

I was lucky when he needed a ride to the bus station to get back to GA after the child support case. Mom said she needed to make a pit stop and we stopped at my lawyers office where a woman served papers to George since he got a lawyer in GA and tried to divorce me down there so he could get custody of my daughter. I spent $1500 on getting a lawyer in GA to close it and spent another $1500 on getting a lawyer in SC so serving him was a treat since he moved to VA after getting a lawyer in GA. So even his Lawyer couldn't find him and h thought I would never know he tryed to divorce me there.

When they divorce was finally done it was 2002!!! 

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