My Wedding Day

I had put this on Facebook back in November 2012, but I had to take it down...
Every girl had a picture of what their Wedding would look like, but mine came out completely wrong...


2. My Man

Fred, my man saw my ad in the newspaper, so I thought for years. He was married at the time with a six year old son. His wife came home one day with the newspaper and opened it to the "Meeting Place" pointed to my ad and told him to call me. She wanted to see other people.

We started talking over the phone and finally decided to come over to meet me. We talked for hours. He seemed to be nerves, chain smoking. I told him he didn't need to be nerves and he said that his wife said if I can't except him the way he is that I'm not the girl for him. He was 7 years older then me. He reminded me of a young Jeff Foxworthy with a mustache and he told really good jokes. He was around 140 pounds, built real good with a six pack and everything. The first moment I saw him I knew he was the one.

In September a few days after his Birthday all Hell broke lose. He saw the way I was treated compared to the rest of my siblings. Even though I was 20 I was treated like I was 15. My mother was telling my father lies and my father believed her so she wanted Fred out.

One night I packed my things and waited for Fred to come home. I told him what was going on and we left. I had saved $500 and hoped that would help us until we found a place. First stop Days Inn in Simpsonville. The next day a different hotel to stay for a year.

Meanwhile my mother was packing everything in my room and puttng it in another room so my brother, the one that helped me find a date for Prom, got it. My home made closet is still in there. It was to big to carry out.

Several months past I finally went home to get my things and my mother wanted to talk to me. I didn't want to talk to her, so she calls my father who is at work telling him lies, like Fred wouldn't let me talk to her and stuff. Look I'm an Aries Bull headed all the way!! I went to my father's work to talk to him while Fred waited in the car. That was a mistake cause the first thing my dad said to me was I was no longer his daughter. He wouldn't even let me explain... From this day he still hasn't said he was sorry or he didn't mean it!!!

Fred and my relationship was rocky for 2 years. We did find an apartment, but I had to walk to work or be driven to work. I didn't have a license. I tried, but was to scared...

Now at this point I figure my graduation didn't turn out good and my sister got married before I did so when I got a phone call telling me my sister was pregnant that broke the camels back. Fred did get divorced 2 years in our relationship and we saw his son during the Summer and Christmas. I did try to get him to call his son but Fred did what he wanted. His ex moved them to TN to be closer to her parents.

Fred wasn't ready to get married again and I wanted a baby. Being 22 and my sister being 20 I knew I had to have a child before I was 25. I know what your thinking... I was to young to think like this, but in away I knew something was going to happen before I got to 25 years old.

Fred and I fought more and more. He was even working with a guy who was my age telling him to leave me and such. One day I was talking and Fred was playing one of his video games not really paying attention to me when he said we need to break up. I cried so hard that night that I slept on the coach. I even prayed really hard. Something inside me told me that things would get better I just had to be patient. When I woke up the next morning Fred was on the other part of the coach fast a sleep. I thought that was a sign that things would get better.

Boy was I wrong. With in a few days Fred was out getting drunk with his buddy and his buddy was bringing him home. His buddy would sleep on the coach. Now this guy was suppose to be getting him girls and it seemed to me something wasn't right...

A few months went buy and we needed a another car that his parents told him he would come up to NH, so his cousin would bring him and I was welcome to come. We got up there got the car and left back to SC. On the way home I was getting really bad cramps. I found out I had a miscarriage. I really wanted to die. Not only I was losing the Love of my life, but I also lost his baby.

Within a few months Fred and his buddy dropped me off in GA where my sister was to help raise her 4 month old daughter. Years later I was told when he dropped me off that his buddy gave him a year and we would be back together.

Fred had his buddy move in, lost our apartment cause his buddy wasn't paying the rent and his buddy was a virgin so he couldn't help Fred get girls. Fred has this temper which I could control. He never laid a hand on me, but if someone was treating me wrong or him watch out!!

I spent 4 months looking for a job, losing jobs cause I didn't have my License and my sister didn't want to drive me yet I was always a month ahead paying my bills since my sister kept borrowing money from me cause her checks bounced. I spent the other 4 months driving myself to work when I met a guy. Fred and I at this point was talking on the phone and I knew I needed to move on. I got pregnant by this other guy, and do to the morning sickness lost my job. So this man George said he would help pay my bills if I married him. I figure Fred and I would never get back together and I was pregnant with George's baby.

That was a mistake.... The day after we got married at the justice of the peace George acted like I wasn't allowed to do anything myself. I couldn't talk to anyone, I had to always stay home and he threaten to kill himself. He was in the Army, he even wrote a note of how he would die, but my brother-in-law wouldn't copy it. Good news I made a copy of the Calender of the day he was going to kill himself. He always read the Bible to me telling me it was a sin to divorce him and stuff. I knew if something wasn't done I was going to do everything in my power to lose the baby....

Meanwhile I started talking to Fred's cousin who helped us get to NH and I was talking to Fred. I was ready to leave the nest.

Well, I get a phone call from my parents neighbor telling my baby brother was in a car accident and we need to get back to SC. I had knew if I ever went back I would run int Fred and now God was telling me it was time to come home.


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