My Wedding Day

I had put this on Facebook back in November 2012, but I had to take it down...
Every girl had a picture of what their Wedding would look like, but mine came out completely wrong...


3. My baby brother Michael

It was November 12th 1999, a year before the September 11th where the world stood still except in this case it was my world that stood still....

I had to be the one to tell my sister we had to go home... The day of the call George and I was shopping for Christmas presents and I had a feeling not to get my brother a new game boy in color that just came out and my sister was shopping for Christmas gifts when I called.

We packed our things and headed to SC with our Army husbands. I was 6 weeks pregnant at this point and my hormons were running wild.

At 5 in the morning on November 13th we made it to the hospital, where my daughter would be born 3 months later. My family was already in the waiting room waiting on us. My father said something to me and the first thing I said was "One dies so another could be born." After I said it I regreated it!!! My father looked like he hadn't slept in days and what I was told my 15 year old brother was having a friend, who was 16, was going to spend the night; but he had to drop his other passengers off. So he was going real fast on the road and the car headed into the grass so he jurked the car onto the road which made the car flip. My brother wasn't wearing a seat belt, only because there wasn't one and his door wasn't locked so he was thrown from the car. If it wasn't for the sewing machine that was in the ditch my brother would have had broken ribs. It took an hour for an ambulance to get to my brother.

The doctors were doing tests to determine brain activity meanwhile we were in the waiting room laughing and carring on. My husband at the time didn't think we should be laughing at a time like this. 5 hours later the Doctors called us into a little room.

One female Doctor had bright red eyes and swollen lids, like she'd been crying.... She informed us that there was no brain activity. I spoke but yet it wasn't me, "We would like to give his organs away." Everyone looked at me... It was what everyone was thinking at the time.

That's when I realized someone was missing. Fred needed to know what happen since he knew my brother, but I couldn't call him with out my husband listen to the conversation. I made the call. At first his cousin Cindy told me he wasn't there he had went to see his son in TN. So I called back an hour later.

I told Fred what had happen and he told me he had seen Volters circling and knew something happened.... He reminded me that when we have the funeral he won't be there cause its just to sad, which I understood.

We were finally able to say goodbye to Michael so when it was my turn I saw how peaceful he looked. I just wanted to wake up to tell myself that this really wasn't happening.... I wanted him to wake up and tell me he was okay that we were on TV where they pretend they were dead....

I could feel my brother's soul standing next to me and all I could say was "Michael, I know you can hear me, but why did you have to die?" I got my answer 4 days later.

November 17th was the day we buried my brother. It so happen to be my husband's Birthday.... All I heard that day was when he was 15 his mother had died and now my brother at 15 was being buried on his Birthday.... Hey, I was grieving and he seemed to not care...

That night I was in the living room when I heard my father tell someone to leave, that she didn't want to see him. So being nosy I looked out the screen door to see Fred. He looked like he couldn't keep his head up. His eyes, which were blue as the sky, had looked pail as a grey sky. I came outside with my husband trailing behind me. I told my father and brother in-law to go inside I would take care of this.

Fred and I walked over to his car my husband followed. Fred and I talked some, but finally George, my husband went inside. I looked at Fred and said "You have no clue how much I truly love you."

Fred looked at me intensly and said "I truly love you and if you wasn't married I would ask for your hand tonight. Life is to short to play games, but your married and there is nothing I can do about that."

I wanted to leap into his arms and scream YES, GOD YES, but George started heading back over to us. It seems later he was telling my family he was scared I would leave him and he couldn't take that.

I said goodbye to Fred and went inside to look through all the cards we had gotten. One caught my eye, it was a letter from a mother saying her son who was 15 got my brother Michael's heart. My heart soar that day.... The next day I went to get the letter it was gone and no one knew what happened to it. I wanted to write her and keep in touch to let them get to know who my brother was.

Michael had over 200 people show up at his wake and five thousand showed up for his funeral. He was in JROTC so the school gave him a serves you give to the military and they played "taps". When a new student would show up at school he would be the first to welcome them... He was always helping out and he was in CHAMPS to get him ready for college. At home he was a totally different person. Always doing his own thing, got mad easily....

I knew life would be different from now on... Our niece Aileen was only 18 months at the time, but it seemed she was the only one who could see Michael and she talked to him often until she was 5....


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