My Wedding Day

I had put this on Facebook back in November 2012, but I had to take it down...
Every girl had a picture of what their Wedding would look like, but mine came out completely wrong...


5. How long it took to get married to Fred

I have known Fred for 16 years was engaged for 7 and finally married 7 months now.

In February of 2005 Fred finally decided it was time to get engage. So Valentine's we went to Walmat to get me a ring. We bought the Wedding bands also. Fred's not a romantic, but he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

January 2012 Fred called me from work and said how does April sound for getting married. I looked at the calendar and told him that was to fast to get married so I decided how about August 18, 2012 and he said that was good. Mainly because April 18th would be my Birthday so August 18 he would remember our Anniversary. Also because that was going to be his sister Diane's 3rd year of having Blood and bone Cancer so we wanted her there to see us get married.

I thought I would get the Wedding I always wanted, but I realized being with Fred, life would never be easy......

August 14th my brother answered the phone and it was Fred's boss calling to see where Fred was. So my brother woke me. I knew something was wrong. I checked the voice mail and see Fred called at 5:55 am he usually leaves the house at 6 am to get to work. He sounded out of breath and told me he was in an accident to hurry and get down to Wamlawn road or else he would be gone to the hospital. He sounded winded!!

This was his second motorcycle accident in 3 years. I first time he was at work and moved a motorcycle out of the way of the enterance to the lobby. He would the cycle 3 steps when his right tibia and fibula snapped. His co-worker called to tell me he was in the hospital. A hospital I havenever been to. That morning my daughter Kayla was suppose to g to school, but instead she came with me. Workman's Comp said he broke his leg before he got to work, which sounds stupid. We got a lawyer to get workman's comp to pay. Our lawyer said if we go ahead it might cost us so we settled and got five thousand, but every year the surgian who did his leg takes out taxes the past two years an since Harris and Graves got their money we got screwed so I would say not to use them if you need a lawyer.

When I got to the hospital Greenville Mamorial I was able to see Fred. He told me he hit a tree that was in the road on his motorcycle. He had shadered his left shoulder blade, left shoulder, left leg, 7 ribs on the left side. His lungs had collasped and his heart was in large. I wouldn't believe it. There was no school so once again Kayla came with me.

Kayla thought her dad was going to die so she mostly cried. The Friday before our Wedding he had surgery on his shoulder and shoulder blade so I didn't think he would be up to Marring me and being in the ICU all the nurses said he wouldn't, but Fred said WE ARE GETTING MARRIED.

August 18, 2012 I called the chapel to tell the preacher we might not beable to use the chapel to get married cause he was still in ICU, but when I got to his room his male nurse told me he was getting Fred to the Chapel; so I called the Chapel back to reserve from 2 to 3 PM. Called Lisa our Notry and our Family who could show to let them know it was still on. His mother said he is to weak, but after talking to Fred she knew he was determand to marry me.

He wore the gown that day and we waiting on him to come down from ICU. My mother had called the Greenville News to come and take pictures as well as a small article of us. We were in the metro section saying "To have and to hold, broken bones couldn't keep Fred Van Dine from marring Kimberly Garigin." That's all with 2 pictures. I never did get the photos from the Greenville newspaper and figure it was to late to get them.

We had my parents, his parents, his sister Diane, my daughter, his son, his sister's two kids, my two nieces, his two cousins, a friend of Fred's from his motorcycle rallies and his cousin's 3 kids. that was 17 people who could show up last minute.

We decided when he was back on his feet we would renew our vows with Lisa our Notry and have the reception.

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