My Wedding Day

I had put this on Facebook back in November 2012, but I had to take it down...
Every girl had a picture of what their Wedding would look like, but mine came out completely wrong...


1. Gaduating from High School

I turned 20 in April and was getting ready for Prom. I couldn't find a date and my brother and exboyfriend made a bet. My brother won the bet cause he found a date for me and my friend needed a date so she took my brother.

At the end of April was Prom my 18 year old sister decided to marry her boyfriend of 4 years, but it had to be in June. I graduated at the end of May so all the money went towards her Wedding and my graduation was put on hold.

My Prom dress would also be my dress for the Wedding. I hated that dress cause it made me look fat.... I was a big bone girl so this dress made me look 250 pounds, at the time I was only 150. I also wasn't going to get a graduation party I always wanted.

 The thing is I was the only one out of my siblings and I that graduated from High School so of course I should have been praised for doing so. My sister promised after she got married she would graduate from high school. My brother completed school, but didn't graduate. He spent most of his time in the lunch room and not enough time in the class room. He used his dislexia as a crutch, and my sister and mother babied him. My baby brother died at 15 in a car accident so he didn't get to finish school.

My sister's wedding had all of her side from SC and the groom had all of his family from SC about 50 to 100 people. My sister had her own music playing that she put together and she did everything a bride got to do... Even the car was decorated an said HONK WE JUST GOT MARRIED. I was able to come with my father to drop them off at the hotel and she had a picture put into the newspaper of getting married and saying they went to Hawaii for their Honeymoon. 

She had my Wedding I always wanted.

The day after graduating I met my dream man... I hoped this man would help me get away from my life... I thought I deserved better....

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